"What the . . . ?"

A question that still lingers after visiting what remains of the Botzum Cemetery. 

This is perhaps the oldest cemetery in the region, established sometime during the 1700's.  Many settlers are buried here.  Summit County genealogical records indicate that between 150 t0 175 persons are buried here. 

Yet, only  seven markers were found.  This is all that remains of the cemetery



Below, an entire corner section of the cemetery.  No markers could be found, although visible gouges in the ground suggest that some tombstones were recently removed.  (The "orbs" are  probably just raindrops.  It was lightly raining during this visit.)


Some eleventh-hour attempts at preservation of this cemetery have been made. Below are photographs of some of the "restored" markers.


Re-erected tombstone of "Infant", who died in 1837.


Tombstone of Eliza Noble, who died in 1820 at the age of 17.


Another "restored" tombstone.  The marker is simply not legible enough to figure out the identity of the person buried here. 


The tombstone of Charles Augustus Botzum, who died in 1881 at the age of 21.  One of the only undamaged tombstones here.