Drive slowly and carefully, or you will miss this genuinely spooky cemetery located off Columbia Road in Richfield Township. Most of the stones are damaged and illegible, and many date back to the 1830's. It is also believed that Native Americans from the Cuyahoga Valley are buried here.











This historic cemetery is in a very fragile condition, there are no public drives to park your vehicle, and it is adjacent to a quiet, private residence. Therefore, it is recommended that any visits be discrete and kept at a minimum. Below is a wider view of the cemetery. The "dot" is probably a raindrop. These photos were taken at dusk, and just before a thunderstorm cut our visit short.



Gravestone of the young children of Leicester and Emily J. Dewey: Calvin L., age 9 mos., deceased March 17, 1832; Charles C., age 6 mos., deceased March 1, 1848, and James (age and date of death unknown).
One of many small, unreadable stones found dotted among the cemetery grounds.


Though mostly unreadable, this is believed to be the grave of Lucinda Chapman, wife of William Chapman, d. April 14, 1864, age 41 years. Grave of Daniel Bailey, d. September 9, 1853, age 70 yrs.


Grave of Nancy Cleveland, widow of Daniel Bailey, d. March 7, 1862, age 74 years.

Tombstone of Emily J. Dewey, wife of Leicester and mother of the young Leicester children, d. November 14, 1848, age 41 years. She died a few months after the death of her infant son, Charles.