This small cemetery was found on Route 135 in Danbury Township.  It sits literally in someone's front yard (notice the house in the back left).  What makes this cemetery even more unusual is that much of it rests upon large concrete slabs.  Odd.


Clearly, there was no real parking lot or public drive available to access the cemetery.  Rather than block the homeowner's driveway, we parked in the ditch directly in front of the cemetery.


A close-up of one of the taller markers.

Upon further exploration, we found that the cemetery was much larger (and older) than expected, and seems to be comprised mostly of the Hartshorn Family and their descendants.  Later research revealed some interesting things about the Hartshorn Family.  Apparently, the Ottawa county area was settled in the 1820's by Wyatt Hartshorn and his wife, Sarah Jane.  Sarah Jane was only around 13 at the time.  A later transcription of an interview with her details her stressful, 8-week canoe trip from Buffalo to Sandusky.  

Below, some Hartshorn markers.  The left belongs to that of Wyatt's son, Byron Hartshorn (born 1825 in Danborn Township) and his wife Mary.  To the right is the tombstone believed to belong to Wyatt Hartshorn, although the engravings are so eroded that a literal reading was impossible.



To the left, the tombstone of Isaac Hartshorn.   He was a civil war veteran who later committed suicide in 1887.