(Summit County, Ohio).   Hundreds of individuals have reported widespread violence, murder, stalking, wild animal attacks, satanic worship and other occult activity, and unexplained (possibly supernatural) phenomenon isolated within and around Boston Township, Bath, Sagamore Hills and Peninsula. 

Details are sketchy. Corroborating sources could not be reached for comment as of press time.  However, the individuals making these allegations are largely relatives or friends-of-friends of the witnesses involved.  Many of these incidents date back more than thirty years.

Local citizens have been unable to confirm these incidents, although some have filed criminal reports of late-night trespassing, loitering, and other suspicious activity by gangs of unidentified youths. 

Investigative research has revealed the following:

. . . is a , a particularly steep, hilly road that abruptly ends at a crude barricade at the bottom of a long hill.  The road continues into the woods, and is accessible only by foot.  And for good reason.  The road has been badly damaged by the elements, and the steep drop-off would make driving treacherous. Of course, some believe that this road is closed off for a more sinister purpose. . .


In the woods surrounding this part of the road, are rumored to perform vague rituals, as well as stalk and kill unwary trespassers.  These cult members are cleverly disguised as normal citizens, blending  in  with  hikers  who  regularly   pass  through  on  a  park  trail  that--coincidentally--intersects the "Highway  to  Hell."      Those lucky few who have escaped  their clutches and continue  up this  road  report discovering . . .


Well actually, "an"   located within the woods  and just off the closed part of the road.  Sources report within.  Others say that this is the home of a deranged man who drives a , chasing motorists who venture into this area.  This is also believed to be the site of a that was involved in a horrible "accident", which killed all the children on board.


There is indeed an abandoned house &and here.  There was no hearse, although there is elsewhere on the premises.  Could this have been the vehicle, mistaken for a hearse by its terrified victims? [EDITOR'S NOTE: The abandoned car has no engine.  The school bus no longer exists here.]




Or,   Actually, it is an early Irish Catholic church called "Mother of Sorrows."  In addition to the suspect architecture that belies its holy name, sources report midnight satanic masses held in the basement.  Direct witnesses to these satanic events could not be reached for comment.  However, an investigation has confirmed that the church does in fact have some upside-down crosses on it.  [EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a larger, more prominent right side-up cross atop the steeple.]  Investigation has also found a direct connection between this church and the spooky Mater Dolorosa Cemetery, located about two miles from the church.  "Mater Dolorosa" is Latin for Mother of Sorrows.  The deceased members of this church are buried there.




Boston Cemetery looms ominously atop a mound at the end of a dead end road.  Sources report the of a man sitting on a bench among the tombstones.  inexplicably move on their own accord.  Gravestones testify to the mysterious, mass deaths of area children.  An investigation was unable to find the bench or its tired occupant.  However, incredibly, the cemetery did contain and tree branches did move occasionally.




The Peninsula makes its home in the surrounding woods, periodically coming out to feast upon its human prey (and their pets), a taste for which it has developed over the years after escaping from a traveling zoo roughly fifty years ago.  Although local townsfolk have been unable to capture (or see) this elusive reptile, it is only a matter of time before it outgrows its environment, leading to its own destruction.


    To those of a supernatural or conspiratorial mindset, Boston Township is MECCA.  To others, particularly local residents and skeptical inquirers, its appeal is a constant source of exasperation.

     Boston Township's legends read like plot synopses of at least 4 seasons' worth of X-File episodes: hauntings, stalkings, serial murders, ritual killings and other satanic practices, and just plain WEIRDNESS. Perfectly rational explanations--including verifiable public records--have failed to overcome decades of unconfirmed and sometimes non-credible oral accounts that have taken on lives of their own.

     Despite such rumors, Boston Township nonetheless emanates a  distinctive, eerie atmosphere that cannot be so dismissively denied.   It is one of the oldest cities in Ohio, the oldest in the county, and has retained many of its historic elements. Consider also the mass eviction in the 1970's of numerous residents by the Federal Parks and Recreation Department (hey, how did you think the Cuyahoga Valley Parks and Recreation System started?), which resulted in abandoned houses and buildings that have remained neglected while under the care of the parks system.   

    My visits to this area did not--of course--substantiate any of the above-mentioned stories.  While I was followed by a strange gentleman while traveling the "End of the World" road and trekking up the closed road to the abandoned house, this person could have easily been another curiosity-seeker like myself, or perhaps even a watchful local resident.

        Nonetheless, this area is rich with history and atmosphere, and well worth a trip for the scenery and hiking alone.  But be reasonable. This is a nice, quiet community better enjoyed during the daytime, so exercise some common sense.  Recklessly snooping around at night is not only stupid and disrespectful, it can also be dangerous.  Drive carefully, and resist the temptation to speed along the "End of the World" road for the safety of yourself and persons who have no choice but to walk in the road due to the lack of sidewalks.



Law Enforcement-types do regularly patrol the area, so . . .

Be very, very quiet.


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