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Ohio Exploration Society
Serious, no-frills website of a group that photographs and documents parks, cemeteries, and historic structures throughout Ohio for the purposes of education and preservation.   One of the best on the web.

Forgotten Ohio
An excellent website for those interested in exploring Ohio's more notable abandoned and haunted places.

Exploration of the historic Ohio river valley never looked so appealing, or so slick.  This well-researched, informative site features some
great information and photos, AND is updated regularly.

Ohio Trespassers
Well-designed, superior website containing fresh information and photographs of historic and abandoned places throughout the region.  Excellent pages on the Huletts as well as Top 'O The World.

Ghosts of Ohio
One of the best and oldest sites out there on Ohio hauntings and legends.

Grave Addiction
As the name implies, this website features exploration and photographs of Central Ohio cemeteries.   The photographs are high-quality and dignified, taken by someone who has a genuine appreciation for these historic monuments.  

The Moonspenders
A unique, well-researched website devoted to the scientific investigation of Cuyahoga Valley hauntings, featuring some area canal landmarks.

Hello Ghost
O.k.  Normally, we don't add homepages to the Links page.  However, this is an exception to the rule.  Hello Ghost is a nifty, interesting little space on the web that chronicles one man's experiments, research and anecdotes involving a strange "entity" that seems to occupy his home in Clermont County.

Haunted Ohio Explorations
Website covering local haunted places like Helltown and Hemlock Road.  Features an interesting exploration of Tinker's Creek.

Paranormal Ohio
Nifty little Xanga page devoted to one guy's investigations and explorations of local haunts.

R.I.P. Ohio
New Akron ghost investigation group.  Website contains some interesting ghostie photographs from local sites, as well as paranormal investigative tips and info.

Haunted Cleveland Tours
Every day is Halloween!  Take a tour of this region's haunted places with Psychic Sonya...if you dare.  She features some great locations, and offers overnight ghostie retreats.  A must for diehard ghost hunters.

Ohio Pics & Legends
Fresh, fun site on Northeast Ohio legends, myths and historic places.  Features some interesting historical places and old standbys, like Marblehead Lighthouse and Gravity Hill.

Small-but-growing website by author Michelle Colson, who is currently writing a book on the history and investigation of Ohio's haunted places.

Ghosts of the Valley
A ghost hunting website covering Cuyahoga Valley-area hauntings.  Includes some lesser-known haunts, and features photographs and evps.

Scientific Paranormal Investigators of Navarre.  New website for a group of ghost hunters in the Navarre/Brewster/Beach City area.

Franklin Castle
The "official" website for this historic haunted house.

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Another interesting website on Ohio's forgotten cemeteries which contains some pretty creepy photos. 









Ghost Hunters Incorporated (G.H.I.)
This sweet website was found quite accidentally while perusing the Ghost Village website. An excellent, f***ing hilarious site documenting the exploits of a small group of novice Pennsylvania-area ghost hunters.  As their team motto says, if you have a supernatural problem, they have a violent solution.  Expect a documentary on these guys soon. 

Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society
TGHRS is definitely not another group of drive-by cemetery photoshooters looking for ghosties.  Intelligently written, well-researched, and even *witty*, this website should be the model by which more "ghost hunters" structure their paranormal research.  The group's information articles, and editorials on orbs and fame, are worth a read.  

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page
One of the oldest and most extensive national paranormal websites, containing several Ohio ghost stories.

Phantoms in the Dark
Based out of Michigan, this website features some intriguing ghost photography using infrared techniques, as well as EVPs and articles.  Definitely worth a look see. 

Mynd Storm
New paranormal webzine featuring such topics as Mansfield Reformatormy and Kate Fest.

The Shadowlands
The ghosthunter's encyclopedia, so to speak, containing a wide range of paranormal reference material as well as one of the most extensive Ohio haunts listings.

Ghosts of the Prairie
Home of the American Ghost Society, focusing on American History, Hauntings and Unsolved Mysteries.  Contains an exhaustive collection of books and other publications, ghost hunter networks, and a state-by-state listing of hauntings and similar oddities.

Ghost Pictures
Finally! A new website featuring nothing but ghost photos.  To provide a more balanced view on spiritography, this website also has a section on fake photos.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
One of this country's most creepiest sites and notorious crime scenes has been turned into a *snicker* "bed and breakfast"?  Hell, yeah!  There's a waiting list of over a year, so book your reservations now.

The Haunted Midwest
As the name implies, this website focuses on paranormal and ghostly activities in the Midwestern States.  This is a great new site featuring a directory and reports that include Ohio hauntings, and offers a sensible approach to ghost-hunting that's off the orb-beaten path.

The Paranormal World
This website covers a variety of paranormal topics, including famous hauntings, ghost pics, EVPs, and even aliens. 

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
True to its name, this website contains research and findings by Bigfoot researchers.  Check out the section on Ohio.  Yup, we appear to be Sasquatch capital of the U.S.!  Chew on that next time you go to Top 'O the World.

Haunted Fort Lauderdale
As the name suggests, this website focuses on explorations and investigations of Ft. Lauderdale's haunted places.  Contains some interesting features on historical landmarks.  Don't miss the creepy "Forbidden Cemetery" page.

Kanawha Valley Ghost Hunter Society
West Virginia paranormal research/investigative group.  Contains a lengthy list of West Virginia haunted places.

Garden of Shadows
Many great-looking photos to feed your cemetery fetish.

Ghost Haunts
Newer, sharp-looking site focusing on national and world-wide ghost stories, haunted places, and cemeteries.

America's Stonehenge

Cathe's Ghost Encounters
Be forewarned, this one's pretty cheesy.  However, it does contain a large Civil War paranormal resource page. 

The Bell Witch Website
The best resource on Tennessee's infamous witch.  Intelligently written and researched, with many features, including news on the annual "Kate Fest."



Official website of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal, a non-profit group founded by scientific and academic writers, including Carl Sagan, that also publishes The Skeptical Inquirer journal.

James Randi Educational Foundation
No paranormalist's diet is complete without also checking out this great resource for critical research on the supernatural and pseudoscience, from the author of The Faith Healers and Flim Flam.

The Straight Dope
Excellent resource for answers to those nagging life questions, like, "Could a member of an extraterrestrial species be U.S. president?"

Skeptic Planet
The ultimate skeptic search engine

You're not alone out there. 




Ohio Genealogical Society

A great site for searching topographical maps of Ohio and elsewhere

Western Reserve Historical Society

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
The most thorough on-line resource for finding out practically anything you need to know about Cleveland's history, including biographies of who's who and photographs.  Put out by Case Western Reserve University and the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Online

Cemeteries of Ohio
Online database of available information on Ohio cemeteries.  Listed by county.

Ohio Link
Access to Ohio's Public Libraries

All things, um, Cleveland






Website of the best stoner rock/NWOBHM group in the area.  If you are not familiar with stoner rock/NWOBHM, then it is my personal duty to demand that you immediately destroy your Limp Bizkit and Creed CDs/MP3s and immediately go to this site.  You will not miss that lame, corporate, pre-fab crap.  You may even rediscover your manhood. 

Daisy's Cybergarden
This is a real guilty pleasure, but especially in cold winter months, it's all that more enjoyable.  A genuinely likable, fun tour that makes you want to get your hands in the dirt come Spring time. 

Cinema Wasteland
Official website of the best local horror and exploitation movie convention.  It also specializes in drive-in movies, memorabilia. 

Memento Mori
A stunning, fascinating website featuring an extensive collection of Victorian post-mortem photography.

Maddox's Best Page in the Universe
Funny, over-the-top rants covering various topics from current events to everyday annoyances.   

Bored at Work

Website of another local horror movie convention. 

Product of Circadia
A new live-stream audio zine covering local off-beat people.  Also features music by indie bands.  It's an interesting concept for a zine, and provides some entertaining listening material while surfing the web.

Gene Fenton
Website featuring the artist's neato monster sculptures and photography

Bubba Ho-Tep
Official website of the much-anticipated new movie based upon a Joe R. Lansdale short story.  Imagine...an elderly Elvis and J.F.K. fighting a soul-sucking, cowboy-boot-wearing mummy in a nursing home.  It's been a huge hit on the film festival circuit, and we can't wait for its release here.

Ken Foree
Alright, alright, alright!  One of the best film actors and star of Dawn of the Dead finally has his own website up and running. 

Galactic Sludge
Independently-owned  bondage and gothic clothing, hardware and music.  What a great way to support  local business and satisfy your fetish at the same time.

Marguerite Arotin
New site by a local author of Cuyahoga Valley Canal-inspired historical fiction.   Her work speaks for itself.  Someone loosen my bodice, it's getting hot in here!

Anomalies Unlimited
Featuring nothing but the choicest bizarre pictures from around the world, this website is pure eye candy for that sick little monkey in all of us. 

Domestic Decay
If reading the Plain Dealer and watching CNN set off your internal "bullshit alarm" and you are looking for an alternative viewpoint, then check out this Cleveland-based, politically independent website run by the hosts of the long-running WRUW radio shows "The State of Decay" and "Domestic Terrorism." 

Webzine specializing in deathrock music and all things dark and lovely.

The Labyrinth
More dark goodies from the publisher of Deathrock.net.

The Camel Toe Report
Camel toes, camel toes, camel toes!!  You think mullets are bad? Educate yourself. 

Mullets Galore
Speaking of mullets, here's the field guide.  Shoot, in these parts, it's a compulsory study in local anthropology.

The Bulge Report
In furtherance of this website's policy of providing balanced content. 

The Shittiest-Looking Webpage on the Internet

Morbid Fact Du Jour   

Rue Morgue
Central station for all things horror in culture and entertainment.

Tenebrous Kate
Pour yourself a glass of absinthe, lay back, and enjoy this dark, guilty pleasure.  Fabulous.

Gothic Martha Stewart
What if Martha Stewart was a goth?

Bizarre Magazine

The Fortean Times
The ultimate on-line resource for all things strange.

The Darwin Awards

Urban Legends Archives

Unsolved Mysteries
NOT the T.V. Show

The Onion

My Cat Hates You
What? Can't you people take a joke?!

Bill Hicks
Gone, but not forgotten.  One of our best, lesser known comics

Mr. Show
Some of the best sketch comedy out there.  Be sure to check out their DVDs.  You'll laugh 'til you cough blood.

Bad Art
Look closer . . .

Squirrel Hazing--The Untold Story   

Heathen World

A Fistful of Dario
Website devoted to the one of the best horror filmmakers, Dario Argento.

The Mario Bava Web Page
Website devoted to the best horror filmmaker, Mario Bava

The Zombie Farm
The oldest Dawn of the Dead website out there. 

Homepage Of the Dead
If you have a sweet tooth, then do we have a sweet deal for you....Check out this web page devoted to George A. Romero's "Dead" trilogy films.

Lynch Net Index
The films of David Lynch

DVD Review
The most comprehensive, up-to-the minute database of DVD video releases--go here before you mistakenly purchase the wrong version of Evil Dead.  Also useful for finding those elusive easter eggs quickly.



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