This is by far one of the most eerie cemeteries in the area.  It is located in the town of River Styx. Yes, it does exist.  The cemetery is still in use, which would normally disqualify it from the abandoned cemeteries group.  But with a name like "River Styx", we could not resist a visit. 


Not much in the way of genealogical information was found about this place.  The earliest graves date back to at least the 1850's. 

This cemetery is particularly gloomy--gray and bleak.  It is unattractive, and most of the tombstones have darkened with age.   The tombstone arrangement is somewhat scattered and disorganized, and the grounds are uneven.  It is surrounded on three sides by muddy farm land.   



A view of the back of the cemetery.  The row of tombstones in the background are barely distinguishable from the pile of rubbish behind them on the adjoining farm.




Tombstone of Justa Brewster, wife of T. Brewster, who died in 1873 at the age of 18.


Some say that the River Styx Cemetery is haunted, and questionable "orb" photography has been captured here to prove that point.  While we cannot say that the place is haunted, we did have a distinctive feeling that we were being watched and were definitely not wanted here.  As it turns out, we were right. . .



Shortly after the above photo was taken, we were menaced by a gang of surly cows and a bull.  They had congregated at the rear right corner of the cemetery and, unbeknownst to us, had been watching us the entire time.  The cows clearly were agitated by our presence and the bull was moving threateningly towards us.  Consequently, this mission was quickly and quietly aborted.

Below is a picture of  the intimidating bunch of hooligans, taken from a safe distance.

We will not be going back.