Within the Cuyahoga Valley area, there were once seven barns owned by a rich farmer who had seven children.  The farmer went mad and butchered his family and livestock.  He buried his wife and children in six of the barns. 


He then hung himself from the rafters of the seventh barn.  



Only one barn remains standing--the rest were destroyed.  It is believed that the remaining barn is the one within which the farmer killed himself. 

Some claim that his ghost appears as a dark shadow, lurking at the site of the seventh barn.  Others report strange noises and lights coming from the barn's interior.


. . . Or so the legend goes.

This is one of oldest--and vaguest--haunted tales in the area.  As such, details vary.  Moreover, so many abandoned farmhouses and barns exist in the Valley, making  it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the "Seventh Barn."  Some believe that the seventh barn is located at the Top 'O The World.  It may also be located on Bath Road. 

Also, the details vary as to the circumstances surrounding the tragic events.  Some simply state that a farmer went "mad" and killed himself.  Others suggest that his family died under natural circumstances and that he committed suicide out of depression over their deaths.  Of course, research of numerous property owners of both the Bath Road barn and the Top 'O The World location revealed no such massacre or suicide.

Interestingly, an exact version of the story as told in the beginning is repeatedly posted among various other websites, but it does not give a location.  Personal experience and discussions with other local residents and their parents all suggest that this story is associated with the Cuyahoga Valley area. But what these stories do have in common is the appearance of a "shadowy apparition," which, interestingly, is associated with other paranormal experiences at Top 'O The World.