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7/8/02: Think the melon heads are unique to this area?  Guess again.  Here's  a similar tale arising out of Connecticut, as told by

The whole melon head story was interesting to me because growing up here in CT, my father would often scare my sister and I with a story about the melon heads.  His story changed often, but the ones I remember best concerned the melon heads being people that were horribly deformed after years of inbreeding and another having been escaped mental patients who had horrible experiments done on them that left them with large soft heads and a hunger for human flesh...I know my dad told sick stories. lol.  However, I find it odd that you mentioned a similar tale being told in a different part of the country.  To me it sounds like urban legend more than fact.

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6/13/02: Some creepy stories submitted by Red & Joe,

There is a mausoleum at the corner of the cemetery by the road [nearest the tennis courts].  It sticks out, so you cannot miss it.  As a kid, I was told by many people that the mausoleum was haunted.  The mausoleum has a big, glass door.  If you look inside the glass door, there is a chair chained to the wall.  The chair was supposed to be for mourners to come and visit.  One time, a child [90% of the time, the child is a boy] went inside the mausoleum.  For some reason, he got stuck to the chair inside.  He couldn't get out and remained stuck inside and eventually died.  In another version of this story, the boy was handicapped (either physically or mentally), and because of this, he was locked inside and later died there.  Stories vary as to whether he was locked in by his caretakers because they wanted to abandon him and/or they were no longer able to care for him.

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2/24/03:  Here's a particularly chilling submission by Russell, who has also offered two pictures he took of Riverside Cemetery's chapel this past summer (see below).   

I lived around Riverside Cemetery when I was a kid and used to play there before they built I-71.  My brother and I have always witnessed strange sounds/sights there when we were younger.  We have since moved away to Lorain county, but both my parents and my two brothers are buried there and I visit a few times a year.

One snowy Saturday a few years back, I was in my car ready to leave from visiting the gravesites when a young girl, 7-10 years old, in pigtails carrying books on a strap, walked past my car dressed in summer apparel.  When I started my car to leave a few seconds later,   I looked around and she was gone.  In those few seconds she couldn't have gotten gotten more then 50 feet away and it was all flat land where I was at.

My brother, when he was in his teens, used to cut through the cemetery on his way home.  One night while going through, he started hearing screams/ shouts that were almost on a deafening level.  I have seen weird snow footprints there over the years. 

This last summer, I bought my grandson a new camcorder that has the snapshot memories card. I took some pictures on a visit there last summer.  Here is a picture that I took at the Riverside Cemetery Chapel. 

Tell me what you think?


Webmistress Note:  Below is an "enhanced" close up of Russell's photo:


Another Webmistress Note: 

The cemetery's chapel has a receiving vault in the basement, where coffins were stored temporarily before being moved to the permanent resting place.  According to Vicki Blum Vigil, author of  Cleveland Cemeteries, one particularly strange story about the chapel involves a funeral director whose young son died in the 1930's.  The father was so overcome with grief that he could not bring himself to bury his son.  He regularly visited the basement, sitting by his son's coffin and reading books out loud to him.  This went on for about 10 months, until he finally agreed to bury his son.

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12/27/03:  Gun-toting apparitions, shadow dogs and hairy man-apes....Oh my!   Coyote shares some freaky experiences and more legends about this mysterious hill.

I did some paranormal research and urban exploration up at Top O' The World in the Falls a few years back when I lived in Akron for college. I had heard that the place was haunted ever since I laid foot in Summit County but took at simple urban legend. I mean, come on... Insane farmer, Satanic cults, tons of other crap including horses riding through the sky. I laughed it off.  So I went up there one night with a friend carrying only basic ghost hunting supplies; an electronic temperature gauge, a cheap camera, flashlights and a tape recorder with a shotgun mic. Well, nothing too remarkable happened until we got up near the barn. I left the tape recorder running for about 5minutes as we scoped the joint on foot. After a boring and uneventful five minute break I went back, picked up the tape recorder and got ready to head back home. I was extremely unimpressed and rather disappointed. And here's where the fun started.

As I walked back to my car I felt something heavy on my left shoulder and then heard a loud bang. I whipped around and exclaimed some rather colorful words about how you really don't want to mess with me and yada, yada,yada...

That caught my attention enough to come back for a more formal investigation. When I reviewed the barn door tape towards the end of the recording were some strange, unidentifiable metallic sounds followed by a clear, funny- sounding voice saying, "Get down". Later, I reviewed this tape with a friend of mine, who then dashed to his room, produced an old flintlock rifle and ran the ramrod down the barrel a few times for me to hear it. Sure enough it was the same sound that proceeded the voice on the tape. One can only make assumptions on what ghostly artifact was resting on my shoulder and what made that big bang noise.

Following that went back almost every other night for about a year. Tried a few more EVPs and really didn't get anything very impressive except for a background train although the trains haven't run through that part of the valley in quite a few years. Along with that, some fun pictures of both the inside of the house and barn along with seeing what looked like a "shadow" dog one evening. From being inside both the house and barn many, many times I must admit that it looked like some "cult" activity had taken place there but probably not until after the rumors had already circulated. The basement of the house was littered with empty beer cans and the barn had a Pentagram marked on the floor in cheap, acrylic red paint along with a few broken candles. The main floor of the barn has nothing remarkable in it except for Metroparks groundskeeper equipment and some owls and bats during the summer months.  I've never felt threatened or that there was anything with bad intent there, however. Many people say its a nasty place to be at nighttime but I used to go up there all the time by myself at 1 or 2 AM to time and chrono my paintball guns. Most of the lights you see that everyone thinks are ghosts are nothing more then fireflies and the eyes in the woods are from some REALLY big possums that like to hang out up there after dark.  But it was always a blast to go to the Top O' The World on Friday the 13th and watch all the teenage kids show up at midnight looking for a cheap thrill.

I've heard many stories of a big, black furry thing attacking cars as they leave this side of Hampton Hills Metropark. I, personally, have never experienced any of this, but a friend's uncle was on a camping trip once upon a time in the same area and was chased along a trail by, what he called, a big, black, hairy ape. Another friend of mine in Akron claimed that a black man-thing chased his car all the way down the hill and managed to keep up with it at 60 mph. I have no idea what this has to do with the mad farmer legend of the place, however it might tie into the burial ground theory.


8/11/03: One former Cuyahoga Falls resident,, shares her experiences at Top 'O the World (we think), as well as a twist on the Seven Barns legend.

When I was fourteen, which is eight years ago, some friends and I would continuously go these houses. There were two: one up a little closer than the other and a little distance between the two. There was a barn in the back, like a little shack thing, and I believe a little out house.

The first couple of times we went we would just drive by and check it out. At first we would only hear whistles but it was really weird. They would come from almost every direction, then it sounded like they were right on top of us.  One time while at this place, our car started blowing cool air, shifting funny, and then it just wouldn't run. We had to pull over and sleep for the night.

The next time, we decided to go during the day, park at the Humane Society and walk over to check out stuff.  We walked around the first house and tried to get inside, but everything looked as if it was boarded up except for one window in the upstairs. We went to the further house and looked around. We looked down into the basement window and it was flooded. We went back to the barn and checked things out. Back there, we heard a lot of noises.

The front house was the most mysterious to me. We went back to the front house and discovered a phone book from I believe 1969, which I don't have but wish I did. As we were looking around, we noticed the window upstairs had a candle lit in it. As we were looking at it, the curtain just swung open.  At that point we took off for the time.

I returned later that week with some other friends of mine and my boyfriend. We pulled all the way up to the houses in a truck. On the ground on the side of the front house was a I guess you could say an underground entrance that we never noticed because of the snow. My boyfriend and his brother went in by themselves. Next thing you know, they come running out screaming. They told me that the basement was sectioned into three areas and in each area there were skeletons of people. Well that scared us and we left. The very next day, some of my other friends went and they reported to me that they had gone in and all the floors were caved in. 

Now I have heard the story about the seven barns, but I was told a different story about these houses. I was told that back in the woods, there used to be a mental hospital.  While it was in operation, five people disappeared. Two had supposedly died and the other three were said to be staying at this property and had never been seen again. These were supposed to be the skeletons they had said they seen.


12/17/02:  Aftermath shares his childhood memories of touring this house during its brief public opening in the late 70's, and provides some compelling new details about the former inhabitants, including <gasp> some possible abandoned graves on the property:

In the late 70's the house was indeed open to the public for a tour for a very short time. All the rooms had the belonging's of the Adams Family as you toured the rooms. Personal effects (glasses, hair care, I mean everything, I specifically remember the glasses because I had to wear them at such a young age, I saw those old style ones and was fascinated at how different glasses were in those days compared to mine, which was sporting "Bionic Frames"). The tour was brief, and not all rooms were open. There was a tour guide most of the time. 

However, I do remember going there one time and the house was open, but was not having guided tours. The rooms were roped off so there were only thin paths through each room, and of course signs asking that no one touch anything. The guide also related stories about the family as well, but I can't remember them. I also remember specifically being told this was the last summer it would be open as the house was physically sinking on one side, and the house did indeed have a nasty lean, especially noticeable on the porch. I was only 8 at the time (making it the summer of 1978), but I remember frequenting Top often on picnics with my mother, and we did indeed tour that house a few times.

I will definitely say that house did have a feeling to it.  I'm not sure if this was simply due to the age and unfamiliarity of the antiquities contained therein, but it indeed was a creepy place.  I remember loving it though, and I think after the first time, I wasn't interested in the items inside so much as the feeling I got when going there. I requested going there many times as a kid. Very much a "butterflies in the stomach" thing.

My Mom recalls a couple of more bits: 

There was a square cut in the wall in the main room, to show that the entire house was insulated with horse hair.  Fairly weird, but yeah you could see the different types of hair lining the house.  Also, she remembers in the "kitchen" they had a large hearth to do all their cooking/heating water for washing. 

She also seems to remember them saying that the family was indeed buried up there, except for the OLDEST child, who moved on to Pittsburgh.  However, the location of the graves is not known, but they are speculated to be on the grounds somewhere.  Presumably, they got lost within the overgrowth by the time it became a park.


6/09/02:  Submitted by

Since I was 16, myself and my brother and all our friends have gone up to Top of the World. Most commonly at night. . . For 4 years now, I have gone up there, I know the immediate area of the house and barn like the back of my hand. I've been inside both various times as well as the surrounding woods.

I have seen the man in black in the high grassy area, been chased out by him, been chased out by a guy in black on horseback, been chased out by what I can only describe as half-man, half-wolf. I've seen spirits of dead children playing in the area around the parking lot and in the parking lot itself, one in particular that got close enough to me was a young girl, maybe about 5 or 6, in a blueish printed dress playing with a ball. the other child I saw from about 10 ft. away was a slightly older boy dressed in overalls.

The night Debby's car was tossed from the road I was in our friend Chris's van watching from between his and the passenger seat as something large and black plowed into the side and lifted it, then watched as something on the other side threw the car back onto the road. Shortly after Chris slammed the brakes and I flew to the back of the van ;). Later as we returned to our friend's house we inspected the large dent on the side, and there is NO WAY it could be a tree or rock that had done it.. the shape, size, and imprint were far different from those that a tree or rock could make upon a car.

In one incident myself and my friend Matt had found a way into the house, we didn't break in, the board was missing and a hole large enough for a person to squeeze through allowed us access. We went through out the house... one thing I noticed on several occasions while up there was dog paw prints (they were too large to be raccoon and definitely were not a cat) leading up onto the side porch and through the doorway, on the inside of the house I noticed from that doorway the paw prints lead in and down to the basement as well as breaking off and leading upstairs, there were no return prints... quite odd...

We went into one of the upstair bedrooms, there was a small doorway leading to a crawlspace. It was very dark and our flashlight was real crappy so we weren't gonna chance falling through the ceiling. though as we looked into it I could feel something watching us from both inside and from the doorway at the same time...It was at that time a real quick temperature drop happened from the room and we decided it was time to get out. Smething else odd, what looked like a dark brownish redish spot on the floor upon closer inspection seemed to be something akin to dried blood that stained the floor, we had no idea what it could have been. As we were leaving through the window I had this horrible feeling something was on it's way up from the basement, and it definitely did NOT want us inside right then.

There was also the lights... in the trees moving blinking large lights moved around, sometimes coming out as far as the parking lot, then went through me before... felt cold and like the feeling when your leg falls asleep or something where it entered and exited my chest and back.. there is no chance it could be lightnin' bugs, they aren't that big, don't move that fast, and can't go through a body.

Top of the World is not always a scary place, this past 4th of July myself and my ex went up there and managed to watch both the fireworks from Blossom and from downtown Akron, quite remarkable and breath taking from that view point.

Those are some of the incidents that currently stand out in my mind from the past 4 years of going up there, the first summer we were there literally every night, sometimes twice. Though many many other things have happened while I was there, but as AlmightyScorpion said, and I agree, don't go up there alone at night and don't go up there without a group.. I'd like to add, don't go up there under the influence, it seems to piss off the spirits quite a bit and is quite disrespectful to them, not to mention dangerous considering there are invisible holes that you are likely to break an ankle tripping in.

Though I have moved to NC for the time being, I really miss going to Top of the World.  I must make the comment though, the whole Highland Square/Walhaven/Valley area seems to have it's spirits.. some good... some bad... some are ones that you just really really don't want to get involved with and I wonder if there is a way to put them at rest...

5/31/02: Here's a chilling tale as submitted by Alan:

My friend and I went to hike at Top of the World one evening in the fall. It was around 6-7 in the evening and it was still light out.

I did not realize that the hiking trail there is a very long one and I kept thinking we must be nearing the end as it got darker and darker, but we weren't. The darkness is compounded by all the trees and by the time we were half way or so it was getting really hard to see very far in front of us at all. Finally, it got so dark that we could only see a few feet ahead and we both wished that we were done and back at the car.

When it was finally pitch black out we found ourselves at the top of a hill not too far from the road and at a point where the trail descended again down into the woods and away from the road. Right as we were about to start down the hill we heard a loud cracking/thwacking sound come from the valley we were about to descend into. It sounded to me like someone smacking a large stick against a tree trunk. It was much too loud to be some woodland creature stepping on a falling branch. I would have dismissed it as a rotten branch breaking and falling from a tree but then it was repeated several times and definitely sounded deliberate. This stopped us in our tracks and we stood at the top of the hill not wanting to start down any longer.

Then came the really creepy sounds. There were sounds that sounded like coughing, rustling and then some sort of moans or short wails. It really didn't sound like an animal down there and I couldn't imagine a person being there or making the sounds either. It was pitch black and we saw no sort of flashlight or anything coming from the location of the sounds. At this point we got really freaked out. There was no way were going down into the darkness to find out where the noises were coming from. They seemed to be almost directly beneath us in this valley and not too far away.

We stood there for several minutes listening and getting nervous. Looking around we saw the road 50-100 feet away through a field of waist high growth. Confronted with the choice of continuing on the hiking trail or hightailing it through the brush to the road, we chose the road.

We tramped through the prickers and other plants as fast as we could and finally made it to the road where there were sporadic street lights. We walked along the road for about a quarter mile or so until we were at the bottom of the hill and the road that leads up to Top of the World where our car was waiting. Needless to say, we were very glad to get the hell out of there.

I do not have any theories on what was there making the noises but it seriously didn't sound like animals. It could have been people because whatever made the cracking and rustling had to have been large, but the wails did not sound like a person. I can't imagine anyone being down in the dark there with no light, this was still somewhere in the middle of the trail and we certainly would never have been there if we weren't so stupid as to start so late. When we made it back to the parking lot there were no other cars there.

This was one of the only times in my adult life when I got seriously freaked.

4/21/02: Here's an account of one Akron-area resident's experiences with this notorious site, as submitted by

Hi.  I read that you're going to be opening a Top of the World section, and thought that I'd relate to you several incidents in that place.

Around four years ago, several friends, my wife (girlfriend at the time) Debby, and myself decided to go up to the Top of the World Metropark.  We were having a fun time, when our friends Jay and J.D. decided they wanted to walk through the tall grass to the trail that cut through the center of the patch.  After a few seconds, we saw a man dressed completely in black walking down where the trail was.  Then he quickly stopped, and fell forward onto his face with a loud thud.  We assumed it was Jay and J.D.  But as soon as that happened, I looked in closer and saw that they had only reached halfway- their heads were poking slightly above the grass.  They quickly turned back and bolted for us.  We then left real quickly. 

We returned several times in the following weeks, and each time it got worse.  For instance, the sky appeared to lower to us, we've heard crazy things coming from the house and barn, and speaking of the house- the porch would seem to disappear in a thick blanket of darkness, making it impossible to see the doorway.  

Probably the wierdest thing to have happened was to me and Debby.  During one of the little excursions to the place, something scared all of us (there were approximately a dozen of us).  We all jumped in our vehicles, and started leaving.  Debby had a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutless Sierra, and there were approximately 4 people in it, including myself, Debby's cousin and his girlfriend at the time. 

We were the first in line to get out, and as we rounded the bend, we felt the back end of the car lift up, get tossed to the left, caught, and thrown to the right, where we hit something very hard and looked very big and dark.   Debby's cousin, Les cracked his head against the rear passenger's side window.  I nearly hit my head, but got my arm up to brace in time. 

We got back to our friend's house and got out of the car.  I had to get out via the driver's side door (as did Les)- the passenger's door wouldn't open.  Before we could get out, the five or six people in our friend Chris's van jumped out and told us that something black jumped out, picked up the back end, and chucked it to the left.  Something else grabbed it, and chucked it back.  The thing that grabbed it the first time had moved forward to the area of the passenger's side door (between Les and myself) when the car got flung into it.  We didn't stop to think of taking a picture of the damage, but everyone that night saw it for themselves. 

I thought it was rather crazy, until I rounded the car and looked at the two foot wide dent into the side of the car- near Les's head.  The entire door was dented in along the doorjam, and handled very poorly.  The next day, Debby's father looked at the car and gave us the bad news- the frame was bent.  It would cost a lot of money to fix.  He asked us what happened, and we told him.  He said to go back to the park and see if we hit a large tree or a big rock instead.

So we went back that day, and got out of the car.  We walked the entire area around the bend and treeline.  There weren't any signs of the car spinning out (it's a front wheel drive car anyway), nor was there any sign in the grass of the car sliding.  There also wasn't any large boulders, and the thickest tree measured 4 inches thick. 

Undaunted we've returned several times with people, one time we were in Chris's van when the man in black chased us out of the park, and down the hill to the intersection.  As soon as we rounded the bend, he ran into the woods. 

The classic "crazy farmer who killed his wife, kids, cattle, and hung himelf in the barn" story started circulating, however when Debby researched it.  According to the Akron Metroparks web site, the park's (Officially named O'Neil Woods) history is as follows:

"In 1972, the family of William and Grace O'Neil donated their family farm to the Metro Parks. The park was named in honor of the founder of the The General Tire and Rubber Company, whose son, M. Gerald O'Neil, served nine years on the Board of Park Commissioners, seven years as chairman.

"The wooded retreat was leased to the Metro Parks in 1969 for public use and later the gift was made outright. The O'Neil family had used the land for gentleman farming, horseback riding and family gatherings for two decades beginning in the 1930s. Their horses came from the well-known Van Sweringen stable of hunters and jumpers. Fifty head of Herefords also grazed the land. The barn along Bath Road is a reminder of the park's past."

Maybe there's older history.  After all the entire valley area used to be all native american land.  In fact there are several memorials to both native americans and settlers that have been murdered throughout the area. 

If you go to the Top of the World, bring other people.  There is something there that doesn't want company at night, and will make you leave.


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10/9/05: The Ashtabula ghosts are apparently getting more creative, and technologically savvy, in spooking the daylights out of ghost hunters.  As Nick explains:

My friends and I were daring enough to go to the Chestnut Grove Cemetery over a cold October weekend. There were 3 of us on the first night.  We only stayed for about 10 minutes because my friend got really scared.  After we were there, we were all sitting in my friend's car, and the windows got fogged up.  A bear face was drawn on my friend's window.  She said she had never seen it before, and it was so perfect that it could not have been done by hand.

While we were sitting in her car, my cell phone made a weird noise, so I looked at it and it said "Calling Mom 2:56, 2:57, 2:58" and the minutes kept moving up saying I was talking to her.  So I was saying hello? hello? but no answer.  So I tried hitting END on my phone but nothing happened.  I flipped it down and now it said I was talking to "unkown."

The next night, we saw a LOT of shadows and heard a lot of noises.  We also saw some crazy lights.  We looked inside Collins' Mausoleum, and saw a pop can in there from the 40's with the peel back was really weird.

1/02/05:  Joe and his son visited the site on the anniversary of the Ashtabula Train Disaster to do a little ghost investigation, and shares their surprising results:

My son and I went to the trestle on the Anniversary of the Train Disaster. We took pictures and recorded E.V.P. at the site, hoping to see or hear something. Of course, we saw little and heard less. But,  my son did see what he described as a woman. But, it wasn't until I got the pictures developed and listened to the E.V.P. that I was in shock. There were several pictures of ghost phenomenon and a voice on our tape. The voice called out for a woman named Martha. Not knowing the names of the people who died in the Disaster, I went online to find out. To my surprise, there were two women named Martha who died in the wreck. A month earlier, we went to Cedar Grove cemetery to take pictures of the monument. On that film we found orbs. All this is for my sons school report--I hope he gets a good grade for all the effort we've put in.


5/27/02: Here's some input by one very learned and observant reader

      Was looking at your neat Dead Ohio web page and being a RR engineer checked out your Ashtabula train disaster, great page! but you have the wrong bridge photos on your page. It's the next RR bridge to the North in the valley that you want photos of. The photos you show are the ex NKP  ex N&W , NS bridge which is single tracked which I have been on trains over many times. The LS&MS bridge which the accident occurred on  became New York Central then Penn Central then Conrail and now CSX  was originally a single track bridge but was double tracked in the New York Central era and the abutments are now different since things were widened. The story has always fascinated me and being a railroader and collector I have always looked for articles and photo's of the disaster. I'm not trying to criticize your article just wanted to let you know that you want the next bridge North.

Thanks, Fast-Freight.  I also believe that this story is very fascinating and so historically significant that its accuracy is much more important than a few "cool" photos.  Therefore, I will be pulling the current bridge photos until the location  is confirmed.  I will then post new photos of the "proper" bridge to ensure the integrity of this page. 


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10/18/03:  Fast-Freight recently conducted an investigation of Moonville with his wife, and uncovers a little-known death at Moonville Tunnel.  Here are the gruesome (and fascinating) details:

My wife and I did a spur of the moment trip down to Moonville on October 16th, 2003.  It was my 4th trip to the tunnel.  We arrived around 5:45pm.  I first had to walk back through the rock cut site of the Dec. 26 1939 wreck.  Whenever I come to this wreck site, the temperature seems to drop at least 15 degrees.

I then walked down to Raccoon Creek, which would be the second stream crossing just West of the tunnel. I have been mystified by a large rock that is submerged down in the middle of the creek.  Carved into this rock in the middle of the creek are the letters MOON.  There seemed to be additional carvings, but they were hard to read, and the depth and current of the creek made it difficult for me to feel the rest of the letters.  After getting all wet, I decided to put this off until we get warmer weather, when the creek is low.

My wife and I reached the tunnel at about 6:10pm.  It was still daylight but was a bit overcast. I had my digital camera with me and wanted to take some pictures. As we walked up to the tunnel opening, about 4-5 wild turkeys that had settled in the trees to roost above the tunnel went flying out of the trees making somewhat of a disturbance. My wife then said, "I'm not going in there, no way!"

 Well, I managed to drag her in thru to the other side, taking pictures of the openings and inside and of the 1903 reconstruction plaque covered with graffiti near the one end. We then decided to walk back out, and about midway, I pulled out a homemade pipe train whistle out of my pocket when she wasn't looking.  I gave gave 2 long short and one long blast on the whistle, which echoed in the tunnel. I thought it sounded pretty cool in the tunnel, but the noise did not go over very well with the wife.

I picked up an interesting 1989 out of print book on the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad And its Successor The Baltimore & Ohio : A study of this once great route across Ohio 1851-1988 by John R. Grabb .  While reading, I i found mention of this Dec. 26th 1938 wreck by Moonville, and am surprised that no Moonville web site mentions this particular wreck. Kind of eerie if you ask me. Here's the article, as it appears on pages 102-103 in the book.

 Rock slide near Moonville kills engineer Charles "Red" Landrum It was during a driving rain on the night of December 26,1939 ,at 11:55pm,that Engineer Charles "Red" Landrum met his fate.He was on the lead engine of double header freight No.88 east-bound as it sped through a bleak section of the B&O near Moonville Tunnel.Suddenly,as his engine swung around a curve, he saw in the gleam of the headlight a huge rock in the middle of the right of way. The rock was estimated to weigh 100 tons. By then, it was too late to stop the speeding merchandise train.

In the ensuing crash, Landrum was pinned in the cab. Scalded by steam he died almost instantly. Engineer Landrum was 54 years of age and lived at 670 East Second Street Chilicothe.  George Burke, his fireman had his leg caught in the wreckage of the cab, and for 15 minutes, he faced death from the hissing steam, before he was able to free himself. He suffered burns from the steam and was considerably bruised. Engineer William T. Diehl and Fireman Earl Brandenburg manned the second engine. Henry Dullmeyer was the conductor. Their engine was derailed as were 12 of the reported 63 cars of the train. Head brakeman Charles F. "Pipe" Lewis 225 East Main Street, was knocked to his feet. In a dazed condition he took off running up the hillside. His nickname came from the fact that a pipe he held in his mouth was never removed. Maynard Thomas, retired B&O engineer ,told the author that at the time of the wreck he was living at Moonville, and when he heard the deafening crash echoing through the hilly countryside, he was one of the first persons to arrive at the scene. He stated that as he viewed this terrible wreck he never dreamed he would some day work for the B&O and fire both of these engines.  Lead engine No.4509 had its pilot wheels torn off and the cylinder sheared off.  Second engine No.4535 was damaged to a lesser extent. It was the opinion of some railroad men that the passing of the National Limited No.2 Passenger train about two hours earlier, had loosened the ledge of rocks causing them to slide down into the cut in front of No.88 This wreck was long remembered by the five surviving all-hilicothe train crew, as well as by many other railroaders.

The author also writes, "Picture yourself in Engineer Landrum's place on that dark, ghostly, rainy night as you cross the trestle and round the curve near Moonville. Visibility is poor as you peer out the cab window. The beam of the engine's headlight, reflecting off the sheeting rain ,shines straight ahead. The train rapidly takes the curve to the right and the rock slide does not show up in the path of the light until you are almost upon it. Then you are caught helpless for it is to late to stop the train."

 What a frightening experience!

5/30/02: Here's a ghostly photo of the Moonville Tunnel, taken on January 1st, 2002, by Fast-Freight,



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12/10/02:  Hmmm.  A haunted church in Massillon.  Here's the scoop, and some questions, as submitted by


I live in Massillon Ohio. I absolutely love the paranormal. I read all of the Haunted Ohio books. But there was one story that caught my eye. St. Timothy's Episcopal Church on the corner of Oak and 3rd.

This church is right down the street from where I live. I read that there was a little girl that was executed in the church and they say that you can see her walking around in the bell tower. I am not sure if I believe in ghosts or its just the fact that I am terrified of coming in contact with one. If I knew that the spirit was not there to harm me, then I would be more comfortable. Anyway, I have been wondering if this story is true. I would like to go there but I am afraid that the child's spirit will be rebellious because she was harmed in such a holy place.

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10/26/05: Michelle, a former security officer confirms some of the hauntings, as well as shares her own chilling experiences:

I am an ex-security officer from Edwin Shaw Hospital the old sanitarium. Some of the things mentioned in the story on the web site are things that I have witnessed also.

I was patrolling the Dobkin center on the property one night and a little girl came on my radio and asked "can I go home?" I didn't push the button to reply to the girl but I did say yes you can go home your family is waiting for you. She came back on the radio and said "Thank you bye bye" That really freaked me out because I went back to the main hospital and asked if anyone heard something on the radio and they said that they didn't. I have more experiences if you would like me to email them I can. The experiences have also inspired me to write some fiction short stories while I was working there.

/25/05: Debbie and her man go exploring the mysterious grounds of the old sanitarium and share some interesting photos they captured:

One night, my man and I went ghost hunting. But before we left, we got real psyched by reading the stories on this website. Our goal for the night was Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Center located on Sanitarium Road in Springfield.

We parked across the street at the driving range, and walked across to the woods. Just walking to it, I started to feel light- headed and cold.  It was real humid out and the cold air was creepy.  I saw something in the trees and right away knew I was not going into the woods.  Instead, I stood in front and take some photos. I took this picture, right where I saw something........

We decided it was time to go. As we walked on the path back to the truck, I had an overwhelming feeling to run.  Then, I heard someone skipping behind us.  As I took off, something knocked Sam's bottle of pop out of his hands.  This freaked him out, and we compared stories once we were in the safety of the truck. That thing I felt and heard was what knocked the bottle out of his hands..... creepy stuff....

On the way home on Albrecht Road, there is a large cemetery going up the hill.  Next to is a big two-story, eerie green house.  I have heard that this house was used like an apartment and rented out. It is vacant due to the ghostly unexplainable things that all the tenants experienced. (Well, it appears to be practically built on top of the cemetery, so it doesn't surprise me if its very haunted).  By now its 2:30 am and I just stopped in front of the house and took a shot.  You cant tell me this is not a scary site..........

Finally I pulled in right next to this house in the cemetery, but the gates were closed.  So, I held the camera out the window and took a shot and immediately gave it to Sam to take another shot from that angle.  This is what he got...........


10/5/04: Voices of children humming and moving doors are just some of the things folks have experienced in the cottages on the Edwin Shaw campus, as Rob explains:

Edwin Shaw is haunted. When I was 15, I used to stay in one of the surrounding cottages during the night, and spent time in the main building that's in your photos during the day.  It is definitely a creepy place.  I never saw anything in the main building, but the surrounding cottages definitely  have something going on in them

The cottage I was in used to house children with TB.  One night, I remember hearing a young girl humming a tune in the closet from across my bed.  Other kids in my cottage heard the same thing, but in different rooms.  Sometimes, we would wake up in the morning and find the closet doors open.  At night, we would sneak out for a smoke and walk in those woods, which was pretty creepy in its own part. 


10/18/02:, a former employee, provides some of her own, creepy experiences while working at the old Springfield Sanitarium:

Most of the pictures you took were from the old Children's Home, which is very haunted. 

The place was empty for years and went to renovation where many of the workers reported many strange sightings. I worked in housekeeping at the time and was told to go over on many occasions during renovation. I went to the top floor of the building where an office was being finished. This was in December. When I went up there to sweep the floor,  I kept hearing a buzzing noise.  I turned to look toward the windows and they were covered with flies!!! I mean covered, too. Just like the Amityville story!!!!!  Creeped me out.

Then I was assigned to work there. I had to start my shift at 6 am. No one was there but me for approx. an hour. I always felt as if I were being watched as I walked over there from the main building. When I went in, I was always a bit uneasy and felt unnerved!!  I would hear noises coming from the basement area.  I never went down there till weeks later and had someone with me. There was a ton of old furniture down there, mostly antiques and desks chairs and old beds. 

One of the counselors [a new person who did not know about the haunted history of the place] came up to me one day and asked if I ever heard the noises in the cafeteria section in the morning. I said no!!  She was appalled and scared half out of her wits.

She said that when she would come in, even before entering the building, she could hear alot of children talking and the sound of dishes rattling--as if there were a bunch of people eating in the dining room.  When she would unlock the door, the voices and noises would stop. She heard this almost every day and was really frightened about it.

Other workers also heard children laughing and playing in various rooms. All unseen.

When I worked in the main building--the oldest one called "The North Building"--I used to see a ghost of a man in a hospital gown sitting on a bench near what is now the psych. section. I saw him often. He never looked at me but just sat there. Other people I knew that clean that building at night told me they had also seen him. 

My co-workers also said that when they were on the second floor, someone would open and close doors. They would hear footsteps in the restrooms, and stall doors opening and shutting. No one was there, of course.

There are tunnels under the hospital. One that leads to the Sunshine cottage building (that one has been closed for years) and one which is still in operation that goes to the laundry building.  That is a really creepy place. There is a feeling that someone is watching you, even walking with you.

It is indeed a creepy place, but it is a good place, too. The hospital has done wonders for
many of the people who have been treated there over the years.

By the way, the Lakemore area is one of the best places ever for orbs. I've seen many myself and had to live with them in an apartment for 4 years. There are Indian ghosts there, as well.

There are more stories.  They are all true, and my family has witnessed many of them, as well.

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5/4/05: Growing up as a child in Helltown sure isn't pleasant, as Faith explains:

I lived in the Helltown area for about 20yrs, about a few miles or more from town. I remember when I was young, my sister and I shared a room that faced our driveway. I remember seeing two times this ball of light that would appear in the middle of the walkway and it would go up to the door.  As it passed by a window, it would break up into a bunch of little balls of light. I don't know what I saw, but it could not have been a flashlight because I did not see any shadow like you would see if you looked straight at someone holding a flashlight. It also could not have been headlights since one side of the house was not accessible by cars. I heard a lot of theories on what I saw.

On another occasion, my sister was sick. My dad and I wanted to go to a coffeehouse when we heard the sound of a car door slam. My dad looked at the two cars he had and they looked alright, and there was no sign of anyone around the cars. He also looked at the empty house next door for any homeless or "neckers". My dad did not see anything amiss.  However,  my sister wanted us to stay because she was scared. I still remember the incidents to this day.

8/7/04:  "Helltown Guy" tests his mortality by venturing into the forbidden Helltown house.  Don't try this on your own, kids:

Well, we got to the house, and uh... walked in. The door was boarded, along with the first floor windows and everything, but we had little trouble moving the boards propped against the door. Much to my surprise, we saw an eerie glow coming from the depths of the house. There was a lot of wood everywhere, a few Burger King cups from the early 90's (age determined by my friend, loyal BK employee that was fired three days before this trip) and old... things. Dolls, toys, a radio, etc. The light was puzzling enough, so we ventured to the kitchen, and discovered the light to be coming from none other than.... the basement.

Down we went and found... flourescent lights. Yeah, it would appear the house is finally being renovated. There was an old pickup truck from the 40s (like a lot of the things from the house) which was cool to look at, but all in all, it was a let down. So, just to spite the legends, that proved to be such an expected disappointment, we took the radio as a souvenir.


10/28/03: Another brave soul escapes the menacing car....just barely.

My friends and I decided one night it would be fun to go and explore Helltown. There were 3 of us and none of us had ever been there before. We drove past the cemetery and the church, but I was too scared to stop. While we were going down the road, the only car I had seen since we got off the highway was coming near us. It blinked its lights twice and I thought that this person wanted us to stop. Well, while we slowed down the person kept going and turned right. We drove back and saw that there was no road, no path, no driveway or anything. It's like he turned and disappeared into thin air. I was not much in believing any thing superstitious and maybe that was because I thought whatever I didn't see wasn't really there. But I saw this with my own two eyes. I saw something turn into nothing and he wanted us to follow or something. That was the only thing that happened to me that is freaky and I hope that is the ONLY thing that will happen.

9/2/03:  Creeping fog and strange red lights--some of the bits Ben shares from his recent group exploration of H-town.

On Friday evening, four friends and I drove to Helltown.  Two of them had been there on two other occasions and had photographs.  On this trip, though, no one had a camera and one of the members of our group did not have his video camera charged.  Also, for some reason, none of us were able to bring a flashlight--I could not find batteries, two people had forgotten, another had not been able to find his, and another person did not bring his thinking four would be enough (an omen?).

After a difficult time finding the area, we finally found Stanford Road and slowly continued down it at the advice of someone who had been there previously.  He was right since there is a steep hill.  If you go too fast it can cause some serious damage to the car.  We parked near the gate with the rusted "ROAD CLOSED" sign and got out.  We climbed the trail up the hill, and found the house and barn at the top.  We went inside the barn and I looked around and felt a definite cold spot in the middle.  After investigating, we left and went to the house, but found no way to get inside.  We walked on the trail thinking it went to the cemetery but didn't feel like walking a mile so we walked all the way up the hill and back to the car.

By now the area was very foggy and we cautiously drove back out.  We went to the Boston Cemetery where the caretaker told us she was closing the gates but allowed us 10 minutes to look around.  The gravel road is quite dangerous and we were worried we'd slip off but managed well.  We parked near the creepy tree in the center and saw the crushed bench probably destroyed by vandals where the ghost is rumored to sit.  Another tale we heard from a previous visitor, not found on any website, is that between the twisted dead tree and another tree, there is a mysterious fog every night which is only there and no where else.  After our time was up we left and headed back to Helltown since it was now getting dark.

The fog was now extremely thick and added to the creepy atmosphere.  We drove back very slowly to Helltown and positioned the car so we were facing the opposite direction for a fast escape.  One of the two girls in the group did not want to leave the car so she stayed with her boyfriend who moved to the driver's seat and kept the keys in case we had to leave quickly.  We got out and I saw 2 dark figures on each side of the path but I did not say anything thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me.  We ventured a short while up the path and the 2 people ahead of us bolted saying there were red lights coming straight at them that they had both seen on a previous trip.  I went to see for myself and saw them and ran back to the car, after everyone was in, we zoomed out of there as fast as the car would go up that hill.

We had heard about the lights before and all figured they were pranksters, cops, or satanists, but we all now know they could not be human--the way they moved and looked, no human could do those things or move around like that. 

While the tales of the serial killers, satanists, or escaped mental patients may be false, there is something bad about the place.  You can feel it when you get out of the car.  There are cold spots at the site and you can feel a presence there.


8/12/03:  BUSTED!! With Halloween coming around again in a couple months, before making a trip out to Helltown, you may want to check out this cautionary tale generously submitted to us by the very lucky

My friend and I were just at the Boston cemetery today. Obliviously disregarding the closed gate we jumped the fence. Only later were we greeted by a sheriff walking up to meet us, and two more outside.  It was around 7pm and we were up to nothing crooked so we had no need to be discrete, combined with being very cooperative with the officers involved.  They let us off without an arrest. ... they told us next time we were down there we would be getting arrested and taken straight to jail... whether this means only at night or if they would even during the day, purely being tired of our shit I don't know, nor do I know about the legality of us going back during the day, but I plan to play it safe. My point with this is that I'm wondering if they would be able to arrest somebody during the day on suspicion because the impression I got from the police is that locals would have it that way if it were easily possible... kinda hard to explain to police that we were just 'hanging out' in the cemetery cause we 'thought it would be cool', but all's well that ends well I guess.... I think it would be a good idea to make it clear that locals DO NOT welcome visitors and that the cemetery is private property. Why do they have such a bitter attitude to visitors? Maybe because of the recurrent vandalism, as the cops told us?  Or maybe the reasons run deeper than that...

WEBMISTRESS NOTE:  No, we're pretty sure it has something to do with climbing the fence of a cemetery that was obviously closed.  That, and the fact that Boston Cemetery is in a residential neighborhood, so chances are you will be caught.

Remember, kids, most cemeteries are private property.  If you choose to venture in a cemetery after it is closed, you are technically trespassing.  Some cemeteries have posted hours, others do not.   Even if a cemetery has no gates, most are considered closed after dusk.  If you must go in after sundown, best to get permission from the local authorities. Use common sense to fit the situation. 

5/21/03:  Dregg, formerly of the punk band The Jerkoffs (the band whose name is spray-painted on the tank at the Helltown house) fondly recollects his own exploits at Helltown, as well as offers his view on the whole Helltown hoopla:

I attended Bedford High School in the late 80's, and me and my friends spent many a Friday night down there looking for ghosts. Many of the stories we heard were told to us by older kids we knew. Over the course of several years, we added our own myths to the overall legend.

I'm really glad to see that the legends live on. Kind of gives me a sense of immortality that some of my own stories still survive. I was also stoked to see the picture of the tank with "The Jerkoffs" painted on it. The Jerkoffs is my old Punk band from the mid 90's. My Bass player said he had painted that on there years ago, but I never got to see it. I guess he also painted it on the bus, but I'll never know since the bus is no longer there.

We had so many great nights down there scaring the Hell out of our girlfriends (and ourselves on occasion). When I was in another band a couple years after the Jerkoffs (called DEADMEAT), me and my Bass player (the same one who painted the tank) even wrote a song about the place.

For the record, there's not much supernatural about Helltown. In the later 90's, I lived just on the other side of All Saints Cemetary (on Old Eight Rd.) and went down into Helltown often (mostly to hang out by the falls). The only hostile entity I came across was a pissed-off park ranger who didn't like the way we looked. But I bet High school kids will always be looking for the supernatural no matter what, so it's all good.


1/22/03:  Jim recalls his group's narrow escape from stone-throwing Satan worshippers wearing black hoodies.  And can back it up:

Growing up in Garfield Hts., we knew of Helltown as Mutaytown. I assume the name is derived from the word 'mutant'.

During one visit in '86 when I was about 13 or so, a carload of us was coasting very slowly through Helltown when a small group dressed in dark clothes ran into the road behind us and started chasing the car while throwing rocks at it. The most identifying feature of the rock throwers was the pointed hoods they were wearing. My impression was that they were wearing black jeans, black tennis shoes, black hooded sweatshirts, but the hoods seemed more pointed than you would expect. I got a good look at them from the back seat because at one point they were only about 30 feet away.

Spooky by itself, but consider the fact that before I started writing this, I called my older sister to confirm the location of Mutaytown. I wanted to make sure it was the same as Helltown. Upon hearing the name Mutaytown, my brother-in-law volunteered 'We got chased by devil worshipers there once! A bunch of guys wearing black robes and pointed black hoods chased our car and threw rocks at us!'

He had had exactly the same experience as we had 17 years ago.

P.S.--Next is Gravity Hill. It is located near the Cry-Baby bridge but I'm not sure where. Creepy Cleveland has a posting with a good location description. If you put your car in neutral you seem to actually coast UP the hill. It works but it is just an optical illusion as I'm sure you may have guessed.

8/6/2002:  Putting the Helltown hysteria to rest?  Here's a post from one of "Helltown's" own, courtesy of

Hi I live in Helltown and the whole thing is nothing more than rumors that originated from the neighborhood kids telling scary stories to each other. Then they told it in school and then it got told to other kids from other schools and now there is alot of rumors. No ghost, no satanists, no secret societies. just kids being kids.


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8/13/05:  Gary and his friends play the "knocking game," and get some unexpected, terrifying results:

I would like to tell you of an encounter I had at the Abbott Mausoleum back in the early 80's. Two friends of mine and I were sitting around one Saturday night talking about different things and the story of the Abbott Mausoleum came up. The story we heard was that if you knocked on the mausoleum door and looked inside, you would see the ghost of Mr. Abbott rocking in a chair that was supposed to be in the tomb.

We lived in Sandusky at the time and decided to make a trip to the Milan Cemetery. We arrived sometime between midnight and 1:00 AM and after some searching found the tomb.

With flashlights in hand we made our way to the entrance and found it bricked up with a hole in the upper middle area. It appeared that it once had a glass block for viewing, but was broken out. Someone had taken a tree branch and tried to insert it into one of the coffins that had a rust hole near the bottom edge.

Peering in, we saw two coffins on some sort of frame work and between them was what appeared to be a wrought iron chair (but not a rocking chair). I knocked on the bricked up doorway and we peered inside to see what may happen. We saw nothing, but coming from the side or up behind the crypt came the sound of footsteps walking towards us.

As I was peering into the crypt I asked my friends if they heard what I was hearing, but got no response. As I turned to look at my two friends, they were already running towards the car! Needless to say I wasn't far behind them. We proceeded in leaving without haste.

Since then, I have moved to Milan myself and sometimes take bicycle trips.  On one occasion I revisited the mausoleum. A tornado that passed through Milan some years ago had done some damage to the top portion of the crypt but it is mostly intact.

9/25/02:  A former Milan Cemetery neighbor sheds some interesting (and morbid) background information on what is locally known as "Abbott House," courtesy of Laurie:

Hi! I was a resident and property owner in Milan for 9 years. The upstairs of my Victorian home overlooked the cemetery. The locals, from way back, called this place the Abbott house. There used to be a roof on top of the tomb, but it was demolished in July, 1998 during a terrible afternoon storm. The Abbott house has some very interesting features, one being the fact that you can look inside via a small window set in concrete brick. Many years before this, there was a wooden door also with a window it. If you are brave enough and have a flashlight, shining it inside directly across from the door is a chair! It appears to be very old and made of cast iron with a rustic twig motif. I wish your brave guinea pig could have used a flashlight. It's very creepy in there and you are able to see rusted through coffins on shelves on the wall.

Note:  Laurie raises a very good point for all you ghosthunters out there--bring a flashlight! Otherwise, you'll miss out on some dark goodies.  For the morbidly curious who cannot resist a peek inside the tomb, check out the easter egg on the Abbott's Tomb page.

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10/29/02:  The Haunted Attic (downtown Cleveland), as told by Derek:

Here's a good local story I just heard about. My stepmother's old house was located downtown in Cleveland. Supposedly a professor and his daughter were the previous occupants. They found a lot of his things in the attic; some old exams, an old chalkboard, and a few miscellaneous objects.

There were two things wrong with the attic though. One being the chalkboard. There was this drawing of the professor on it, but it must have been in ink because they couldn't get it off no matter how hard they tried. Second being the marks by the attic window. Very similar to teeth and fingernail markings.   One day her mother (now in a better place) decided to get a pot of boiling water and clean that chalkboard. For nearly two hours she scrubbed that thing, and amazingly, it actually did come clean. So she placed it back in the attic. An hour later the drawing reappeared on the chalkboard, and there it stayed until they moved out.

Now here is where it really gets good. One of her brothers located a "secret room" (actually just an old closet that the back wall opened up) that appeared to be the professor's private working area. But instead of tests and essays, he found news articles. About the house. Apparently the daughter was born retarded, and the professor kept her hidden away in the attic. He would serve her meals through a little pulley-elevator between the floors. She remained there for years (don't know how many) until she died at age 29. People passing in the streets reported seeing her clawing and biting at the window, trying to get out.

Upon further research away from the house they also found reports of the professor hanging himself in the basement a few weeks after the daughter died.   My step mother and uncles still to this day recall hearing footsteps pacing back and forth in the attic, and up and down the stairs. One night they poured flour on the steps to see if was some oversized rat or something. Low and behold they heard the footsteps on the stairs, but no impressions in the flour.

One Easter holiday my step-grandmother hid Easter baskets on the stairs of the attic, since she didn't believe in ghosts. That Easter was ruined when the kids found their baskets torn to shreds all over the attic.

Now we fully intend to go back to the house soon and ask the current owners if they have the same problems. Just thought I would share that with you, and I will write again once I get to the house.

10/20/02: 'Murder at 24 Bane' (Newton Falls), as told by Chris C.

Well I live in a quiet little town near Warren called Newton Falls. We usually don't have many problems, but the ones we do have aren't too serious (Fights, Drug Bust we even had a murder once).

Well, my friend Adam was having a sleepover one day for his birthday. Well, he had about 7 people over and we had a great time. I was one of the last to fall asleep. Me and my friend Adam awoke to the sound of something falling down the steps. We each sat up and scared the crap out of each other in the process. After we stop shaking, we look at the steps and see something laying on the floor at the bottom of the steps. We thought nothing of it cause Adam has two dogs.

I was starting to doze back off when Adam poked me and whispered "Chris, look at the stairs." I look up at the stairs and we see a figure walking down the steps. It looked like a tall man about 6 foot tall. He was carrying a gun. We both freaked out and lay back down, staring at the figure. We saw him stop toward the middle of the staircase and walk back up, crying.

The next day, everyone left accept me. Adam and I went to the library and looked up old Newspaper articles. We found one that said "Murder at 24 Bane." We began reading the article and it said that a man had come home from work and saw his wife fixing their butler's tie.  The man suspected that she was having an affair, so he grabbed his shotgun, walked to the bathroom and unloaded one shell into the butler. The butler fell into the bathtub and died. His wife ran out of the bathroom and right as she hit the first step she was shot in her back and rolled to the bottom of the steps. The couple's little girl was in the living room reading and she saw her mom roll down the stairs. She jumped up and ran toward her mom but in the process she was shot in the side and died in the living room. The man had a son who was in the basement. He heard the gun shot, ran up the stairs, and saw his dad with a gun and his dead sister. He shut the door and broke out a window. As he was climbing out, his father kicked open the door and shot him in the back. After the guy realized he killed his family, he grabbed a rope walked up to the attic and hanged himself.

My friend Adam said when they moved in the went into the attic and a chair was laying there on its side. Adam's dad put a window in the basement. One night they heard a clash like breaking glass and then heard a gun shot. They ran down and say that the window was broken. Every time they put a window in, it would mysteriously break. They decided to move out, so Adam's dad put it up for sale.  Every time it was put up for sale, a family member would go into the hospital, which would postpone the sale.

I guess the house didn't want them to leave. Too bad>:^}

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(Shandon, Ohio)

June 10, 2003:  Sounds of children laughing and running, ghostly visions, and strange photo anomalies--a few of the things that Lena reports at the site of a reputed haunted farm in Shandon, Ohio (a small farming community located southwest of Hamilton). 

My husband's band practices at an old pole barn in Shandon. They have encountered their own ghostly things there as well as myself. We have heard children laughing and running through the barn. They have heard them through the amps.  One of the voices told me to get out of the barn.

To the left of the barn, within overgrown brush, are the remains of a house that once was on the property. There is said to be a man and his wife that lived on the land in the 1800's that owned a children's work farm for abandoned or "special" children.  The couple who ran the farm would take the children in and work them 'til they died. 

The previous owners researched property records, and say that a children's cemetery is located underneath the floor of the barn.

Below is a picture that my husband took of the band practice space near the drum kit.  There wasn't anyone sitting in front of the drums when he took the picture.

[Webmistress note:  The photographs displayed on the right have been retouched by the website to emphasize certain anomalies.  Certainly, others may see more, less, or none at all ;)]

Below is a photo of the outside of the barn.  In this one, you see a figure standing next to my car!

These pics were taken with a regular camera at 7 in the morning, but they look like they were taken at midnight. The pics came out with fog across them and they have orbs in all pictures. We have seen some of the ghostly visions of the children in all pictures taken there, as well as a man and a woman.  So, maybe you or someone else can give me an opinion, and tell me if we have some extra groupies on hand at practice. :)




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6/22/03:  It seems Lodi also has its fair share of ghosts, as submitted by Deb

Here are some "hauntings" from Lodi.

I live on an old 75 acre farm that was built in the late 1800's. Of course, the original structure of the house has been built upon over the years. Creepily, I live across the street from a graveyard. On our property near our driveway, there is a patch of land, big enough for a large garden. The area should be well-lit because of backyard lights, but always seems way too dim. I have been told numerous times that upon entering our house at night through the back door, it feels as though they are either being looked at or chased into the house. A few people have said that they have seen a black haired girl in a black shadowy dress staring at them from the area. Although I have felt the chasing feeling, especially when I come home at night since I park my car on that side of the drive, I have never fully seen the girl, although a few times I have seen a shadowy presence.

As for the town itself, there is a place that is now called Jameson House. 

One night my crazed friends and I went out to search for ghosts on Halloween night.  We decided to wait until midnight, the witching hour. My one friend suggested we go out to what is now called Jameson House. Supposedly, as all good rumors start, a woman was murdered in the basement. All I know about the house is the rumor of the murder and what road it's on. The only other thing I do know is that after the murders, a family moved in since the house was sold much cheaper. Their children graduated from the local high school, or at least attended, and they seemed to get out in a hurry a year after they moved in. They never put the house up for sale.  Now, it's an abandoned, half-decaying house. This supposedly happened 10 years ago, which I would assume would make the murder anywhere from 11-15 years ago.

No one seems to know much more abut the house and the supposed murder.  So, I was skeptical.  Most of my friends chickened out, so it ended up 2 guys and 2 girls, one being me.

The one rumor about this house is that if you pull up to it and flash your light 3 times and turn them off, you'll see movement past the windows.   We tried it.  Nothing.  So, the guys parked and got out and told us to stay in the car. One of the guys went to the boarded up back door and knocked loudly. At the same time he did that, I heard a thud on the bottom of the car. The other girl didn't hear it. 

He knocked again longer and louder. The car shook this time and a louder thud was heard on the bottom of the car. The guys came back and started telling us to knock it off before we even had a chance to tell them what happened. We asked them what they were talking about, and they said that we were opening and closing the car doors and needed to knock it off.

We entered the house through a lower door that opened above the stair well to the basement. Above the basement door (or shall I say lack of door) someone spray-painted "HELL."   Yeah, that was not the most fun place to come in. 

So, we all wandered around the house and nothing was really freaky besides the attic, which strangely was just your typical attic--but when I walked up those stairs, the hairs on my entire body stood on end. By the time I got to the top, this fear swept over me and every hair on my body was standing on end. The same with one part of the basement.

The only other creepy thing was on one of the upstairs windows--it looked like someone had spray painted something. We first noticed it when we were looking for a way to get in. You could read it from the outside: "My name is (I don't remember the name) please take my hand". When we got inside, on the same window upstairs, instead of the reverse side of the paint you could still read it left to right.

I have only been back there once since, but it was during the day.  Last night, Friday the 13th, there was a full moon.  At midnight, some of my friends went back to the house. They took a video camera, a tape recorder and a camera. The car ride up came out and the car ride back came out on the video. All the audio from the car ride came out.  Everything else was blank or some of the pictures were white.

I wanted to find out more about the house, but I have figured a library wouldn't help much, and that's still a lot of news clippings to go through to try and verify the story.  Maybe someone knows more about the house?

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8/21/04:  Dirt Lawyer shares his experiences exploring Sunny Acres, and provides some fascinating historical information and anecdotes regarding the Cooley Farm site:

Although I moved to Chicago 3 years ago where I'm continuing my lifelong hobby of exploring cemeteries and abandoned sites, I am a Clevelander through and through.  I grew up in Warrensville, and would often walk from Green Road through the woods to Sunny Acres. We'd sled ride on the hill that slopes down to Richmond Road. We'd also poke around the buildings you described which, 32 years ago, were sill in use.

I just read your webmistress note on the Sunny Acres hospital. Let me fill you in a little. I played in the area you described for my entire early childhood and know it intimately. The Mayor's aid was correct in telling you that the city hospital was torn down years ago. Sunny Acres was a county hospital. The Mayor's aid was referring to the old Infirmary North of Harvard which was torn down in 1997. I used to play in the building as a kid. It was a beautiful building but creepy too. As an attorney I was deeply involved in the litigation over the development of the so-called Chagrin Highlands, as well as the demolition of that old hospital.

The Cooley Farm was granted to the City of Cleveland just over a century ago. It was a huge tract in excess of 1,000 acres that stretched from what is now the Van Aken intersection out to Richmond Road and took up the entire area between Harvard Road and Chagrin Blvd. The part east of Green Road also extended south of Havard. The city sold off the Beachwood portions of the tract in the late 1940's but kept the rest. That section was along Chagrin east of Green. The Cooley site was used for a number of public projects:

Highland Cemetery,

Highland Hills Golf Course,

A reservoir,

Potter's Field - a pauper's cemetery on Green just north of Harvard across from the reservoir. It's still very much in use for burying unidentified/unclaimed bodies. It has a large tan boulder in the center and you enter off Green Road via a narrow tree-lined drive. As in a prison graveyard, the gravestones are marked only by numbers. The city has records on the inhabitants of each grave.

The House of Corrections a/k/a the old men's workhouse (now the Office Max Campus) which was a huge prison farm. As a kid we'd walk through the woods from Randallwood school and talk through the fence to the prisoners working in the fields. We'd toss over candy and cigarettes until the guards chased us away.

The women's workhouse,

a tree nursery to grow the trees that line city streets,

the city infirmary (on the north side of Harvard and since torn down)

Camp Hope a/k/a Camp Forbes - where the driving range is it used to be a camp for underprivileged kids. Cuyahoga County owns most of the land east of Green and south of Harvard where Tri-C is located, also the Juvenile Detention Facility, Board of Mental Retardation, and National Guard. It's also the site of a tubercular Sanitarium for children called Sunny Acres. Despite its Dickensian appearance, it was a model facility in its day and attracted national attention. You can see all sorts of info and photos at the county archives on Franklin Avenue. In the 1990's the newer hospital building was still being used to treat (or warehouse) adult victims of the newer treatment-resistant TB that emerged in the 1980's. By then it was the end of the road for these patients and far from a model facility. I think that's finally closed now too.


7/14/03:  Hallie explores the ruins of an abandoned hospital near Highland Hills, and makes a gruesome discovery...

Three years ago, I went to this hospital that I first heard about from my fiancee's uncle.  His uncle was working in Highland Hills as a carpenter. On his lunch break he saw a old hospital.  So, he walked over and looked inside. He then decided that this would be a good place to go look around.

So the following weekend, we got our backpacks, flashlights, batteries, camcorders and cell phones and went up there.  There were 5 of us. I only know that it was across the street from a church camp that resembled a park and the eastern campus of Tri-c was right there by it too. We parked across the street (they said we could) and walked over the double lane road. There was an old police station that was very over grown.

Despite the no trespassing signs, we continued. This hospital had roofing tile that resembled adobe-style clay tiles.  The front part had maybe 5 floors of what looked like apartments.  We found dishes and clothes everywhere.  The earliest date on anything we could find was  on an electrical box inspection stamp dated 1924.

We moved on to the big old smoke stack.  Creepy as it may sound, looking in from a window, we could see an old tricycle on the concrete slab below. We eventually found our way down to the bottom floor, where we found a tunnel.  At this point, our two of our flashlights stopped working. We walked what seemed forever and came upon a old gurney with the big wire wheels on it's side.  As we came out of the tunnel, we realized we were now in the hospital part of the building.  There, we found a cafeteria with all the equipment still there, a gymnasium filled with  beds, tables, chairs and misc. equipment. It looked as if parts of this place was getting ready for demolition  We could still read the doctors names as you come in the door.  We also found fliers on the front desk dating from the 1980's . 

One of the most disturbing things was the skeleton of what I and one other person believed to be a baby (I have that picture).

Of all the pictures that we took,  Out of a roll of 24 exposures, I was able to get only 10 photos.   The camera back had popped open and when I tried to see if they would develop (all blank.) and I only had 10 exposures on my other camera.

As for the pictures taken by others:   there was one other camera, 3 of his pictures came out, but we found nothing on them.

Question.  Why was all that hospital equipment not sold ? Why did it look as thought everyone left in a hurry? What went on there!

Just recently, in October of last year, I tried to contact Highland Hills to see if I could legal get permission to go inside, after being told to contact numerous people who were all willing to help and even gave possible names ( "Booth Memorial" or "Sunset something or other").   I contacted the assistant to the mayor, who said that hospital did not exist.   I firmly disagreed with him, telling him I just drove by it!   He said I was talking about the wrong place because it had been destroyed years ago.

Webmistress note:  Based on the location, the building is most likely part of what used to be the Sunny Acres Sanitarium, built in 1913.    There was also a prison farm built nearby called Cooley Farm. Part of this area is within Beachwood's boundaries, and part of it is owned by the City of Cleveland, including an infirmary later called Highland View Hospital.  There were also smaller buildings/old farmhouses that used to serve as doctors' residences (one of the houses was converted into a "haunted house" during Halloween in the '80's).  Most of the structures are gone now, with any remaining buildings on the old hospital campus slated for demolition as part of the Chagrin Highlands project.  Some political bickering resulted in the eviction of the Highland Hills police department from one of the buildings that Hallie discovered on her exploration. 

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7/17/03: After his recent night visit to Bowling Green's grisly landmark, Ben submits this interesting, thoughtful analysis of the legend:

This is our excursion to the 'Potter House' near Bowling Green.

We made the trip to this house at night with a video camera with the night shot feature. We have seen all the images on the website as they appeared just as they are. We cannot account for the alleged stories surrounding the house, although there may be some discrepancies.

Reading the info about the house, it is presumed that the suicide was done by a hanging in the attic or attic room. We visited this room and there is an attic access in the ceiling, however there is simply not enough vertical space in the attic itself to carry out a hanging, unless the rope was extended through the attic access door into the room itself.

We did, however, find two ropes large enough to support the weight of a body hanging from the rafters inside the barn. We found no noose anywhere. Realistically, if a suicide by hanging occurred, whomever found the body would have cut it off with a knife and their would be no 'noose' left anywhere on the property.

 It is definitely a derelict house, but I saw nothing extraordinary there at night besides some obvious signs that locals have had some rituals by sacrificing some animals, mainly bats - there was the remains of bat skeletons in the front or main room.

The blood splatters are there, although it appears more like someone blew there head off with a shotgun rather than a smaller caliber gun. There would be too many bullet holes to account for shooting someone with a regular gun as the number of holes reflects that someone could withstand about 10 head shots and remain standing - I doubt it!

The only thing that really was unexplainable was my camera light inexplicably went out.....that was the extent of the paranormal there........ still it is a neat house to see if you are easily spooked.

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9/18/03:  Adam writes of ghost lights and his own creepy exploration of the school:

My dad used to live just down the street from the Collinwood Memorial school (back in the 1980s when it was a much safer neighborhood). In fact, we could see the back of the school from his house. A few times we did notice lights on inside the building (this was before all of the upper windows were boarded up), but later in the night they were off. We used to take walks over by the school, since it was deserted and usually pretty quiet over there. One night we found an open door, so needless to say we ventured in. I did feel uneasy in the building, but it might have been because it was so big and empty (and who knows who else could have been in there). The building inside was in decent shape for being abandoned for so long, with much of the school supplies left behind (desks, erasers, books). Only in certain areas were things trashed, or classroom windows broken in.

In the early 1990s, they were talking about reviving the building for some sort of use... but apparently that never happened, as it remains boarded up today.

Before the memorial was built on top of it, there used to be an empty area that you stepped down into that was supposedly the remains of the swimming pool from the original school.


8/2/03:  Spooky things are afoot at the Collinwood Memorial School, as told by Michelle:

My dad told me about a school, I don't recall the name of it, but it is found in Collinwood right off of Lakeshore on 149th Street. It was an elementary school which burned down in I think the 1930s or 40s. Almost the whole school of kids died because the doors opened inward while they all were pushing on the doors to get out. They have a monument by the boarded up school with all of the names of the students and staff that died. My dad told me that when he was about 16, he and his friends broke into the school at night.  As soon as they set foot in the school they all got chills up their spines and heard screams from little children. I even get chills from driving by it.


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4/8/05: Karli takes us on a fascinating tour of the weird asylum otherwise known as "The Ridges":

I was viewing your website and came across the part about "the Ridges," the old mental hospital in Athens, Ohio.  I went to school there for 5 years and am big into exploring forgotten and haunted places in SE Ohio. 

Anyway, I wanted to clarify some things on the hospital. I was given permission to use the facility for one of my projects. I was a photography major and wanted to use the inside as a setting for one of my projects. I had to go through a bunch of BS to get permission to tour it. But a fellow classmate and myself were given a private tour of the main building and the men's ward by the groundskeeper to scout out locations for the photo shoot.

The groundskeeper filled us in on some interesting things. First, he said that the building isn't haunted, but every night before he leaves he shuts all the doors and every night people break in and open every door so in the morning when he gets there, they're all open. I figure whatever he has to tell himself to get him through the day to explain why the doors are open, but to me that seems a little weird that people come in every night and open the doors, not likely. Second, if you look at the window ledges in every room on every floor in the men's ward (which is to the left if your facing the building) there are a bunch of carvings. Every window has mostly crazy math equations covering the whole ledge and every N is carved backwards on every ledge in every room on all 4 floors, weird. Also, there is this weird star-shaped carving on most window ledges.

In the isolation rooms, you can see finger nail scratches on the plastic windows on the doors and in the wood door, as if patients were trying to claw their way out. I was there twice: once to scout out the location with the groundskeeper and the second time I was their by myself to take my pictures. Both times nothing out of the ordinary happened, but it was quite cold in there.

There are a lot of strange things in the basement (tracks that the food service ran on, weird utensils, not sure I really want to know what they were used for, and weird markings on the walls). There were a few floors that reminded me of "The Shining," the way the decor was and the architecture. The other floors had been torn apart because they were talking about redoing them, but stopped because it cost too much.

The fourth floor is where the patients went that had contagious diseases and that is were the "stain" is. There are only 6 -8 rooms on that floor and when you get to the only stairwell that goes to that floor it smells weird and gets stronger once you get to the landing with the stain on it. The building was built kind-of like a maze and it is hard to find your way around.  Only certain doorways and stairwells go to certain floors and rooms. It's like a maze. In fact that is what the groundskeeper told us, it was built to keep people in. It's really cool.


10/30/03:  Haunted Athens College.  Yikes!  Alexandra shares some creepy experiences from a safe distance out-of-state:

First of all, I'd really like to point out that reading these stories about haunted places at 2:30 am is not exactly the brightest thing in the world because now every little noise is making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Great.

I'd also like to point out that I'm not actually a resident of Ohio, have never been a resident of Ohio and really don't plan on becoming a resident of Ohio.  Sorry Ohio. Its just that I love Maryland and DC way too much :)

This is really coming from my cousin and what she told me when she was at Athens college a couple of years ago.  I know the story about Athens Ohio College being haunted, from Fox Family's Scariest Places on Earth. I was watching it with a friend when they aired it and I immediately called my cousin Liz (after jumping around with Grace, saying "ohmigod" a bunch of times) to find out if it was true. 

Apparently, it was and she had never mentioned it because she didn't want me to "freak out" in her words. I did anyway. I knew the whole jazz about the asylum and the patient and the girl who had committed suicide in her room from the show but I wanted to know if it was really real. 

Liz told me, yeah, it was and she was on the floor above the haunted one (where the girl had killed herself). She also told me that yes, she had experienced very odd and unexplainable things while she was attending the college (she goes to a different now, and no, it wasn't because of the ghosts).

Not only did I demand that she tell me everything, but I also talked to her a later date and got even more information out about what happened while she was there.

There were very strange noises that came all directions from outside her dorm room. She said that sometimes it sounded like marbles being dropped from a high place. Usually it happened below her room, but she couldn't explain it, especially when she knew there was no one under her. 

Another thing that was even stranger was that her alarm clock would go off for no reason whatsoever. Usually, it happened at wee hours of the morn and since her dormie was just as frustrated with the clock as she was, Liz didn't think it was her playing a practical joke. So she began to unplug the clock at night.

Somehow, it didn't stop it from ringing. Liz got so uncomfortable when she woke up to an alarm clock ringing that she knew was not connected to any kind of outlet that she threw it out the room and into the hallway where it promptly stopped.
Aside from that, her roommate said that she occasionally would hear a chilling sort of laughter whenever she walked down the hallway by herself.  

The rest is basically your average bumps in the night; sometimes she would be up, cramming for a test the next day and hear all kinds of noisy movements. A few times she heard what she described as "fingernails on metal", coming from downstairs. There was also the usual lights sometimes flickering off and on. I'm assuming that some of this was also happening to her fellow students on any level of the college, but then again, she didn't say if she had talked to anyone about it.

She also told me that she and a few of her friends tried to go up to the asylum one night. They didn't report anything out of the ordinary on their trip up the hill (besides it being very spooky) and what was even more disappointing (though I'm not too sure who was more disappointed- me or her) was that the gates were locked and they couldn't seem to find any way into the building. I doubt they tried very hard.  Not like I would either, I'm just saying...

But that's my-her story. My other cousin- Liz's little sister- is now attending Athens so I'll have to grill her on any paranormal activity as well. And when I do, I'll definitely do a follow up email :)

/23/03:  Simms cemetery.  The infamous pentagram.  A haunted campus.   Ryan shares his experiences and stories on what is arguably the most haunted place in Ohio...Athens.

Though I currently live in Virginia I used too live in Athens Ohio. I'm 23 now, but for the first 13 years of my life I was born and raised in that town.  As a kid we all heard rumors (not sure if they're true) about places in Athens that are considered to be some of the most haunted places in the world.

We have five major cemeteries there that form a pentagram if you trace them on a map (no joke, its true) This draws a good-sized Goth group here every Halloween. Almost everyone I have met there has a strange story to tell. There's an abandoned mental hospital, a haunted college with the center of the pentagram being on the college green.

I used too hang out in cemeteries alot when I was a kid (yea I was a weird kid) and I have had strange feelings but really only one incident of ghost-related happenings. One day on our way down the highway from Columbus we decided to get home just using back roads. It was fun passing through small towns we never heard of and it took us two hours to make the normal 1 hour trip home.

But, as we were coming back through the Peach Ridge area of Athens, we came upon Simms cemetery.   Well, any local in Athens knows about Simms cemetery and how they used to hang people on the tree there.  Old man Simms supposedly haunts the place at night. We had never been there, but my cousin was familiar with the area.  The Peach Ridge is surrounded on all sides by trees. On that day, it was hot (about 90 degrees) and we parked at the top of a hill that my cousin said was next to the cemetery. We walked down the hill and went through tress to get there.  About five minutes later we were walking down the hill.  As we were walking along, we noticed a chill that we didn't feel at first. 

In taking just a step or two toward the cemetery, it felt that the temperature dropped from about 90 degrees to about 60 degrees.  The further down the hill we walked, the colder it got. After ten minutes, almost shivering, we still hadn't found a break in the trees. Having spent so much time driving, we figured we should go home before anyone worried about us (this was before cell phones were commonplace) and gave up the search. But I vowed that one day I would return and make it to the cemetery to complete what we started on that day.

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8/14/03:   More spooky Beaver Creek photos, this time taken by  M. Banfield, who writes:

These pictures were taken August 12, 2003 at Beaver Creek's Gretchen's Lock. The picture looks like it has a face in it... it was taken on the bridge.  The other photo was taken where the little boy hanged himself.


6/30/02:   Greetings from Arizona! Peg Cartwright and her husband, Northeast Ohio's own horror-fiction author (and archaeologist) R.S. Cartwright, recently took a tour of Beaver Creek and share some amazing photographs of one of Ohio's most haunted places.

My husband is from NE Ohio. We just got back from a visit, and he showed me around the area. I'd always heard from him -- it is a very haunted place. Well, now we have the pictures to prove it! Sure proved it to me!

The Beaver Creek photo was taken on 6/10/03 at about 3PM. There was no fog.  It was a warm, partly cloudy afternoon. We never saw this until we got the pictures back.

The other is of Hambleton's Mill. Looks like Ester is still hanging around!

We have some others with what looks like orb lights at Gretchen's Lock area and Bowman Cemetery.

Now I know why my husband writes horror fiction. It's growing up in spooky NE Ohio!


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10/07/03:  Cold spots, odors, footsteps and toilets that flushed on their own accord...some of the few things Dawn recalls experiencing at a dance school in Mentor.  Creepy stuff, and a good case study on real estate disclosure for all you realtors out there!

  My mom owns the Dance Theatre of Ohio in Mentor.  When I was 10 years old she opened her school officially on Mentor Avenue where Ladies & Gentlemen / The Brown Institute is now.  We were at that location as The Children's Theatre for awhile until we moved. 

   Anyways, why did we leave our first location?  Because it was haunted.  For real! 

  We had the whole building of what is now the Brown Institute.  We loved having such a big building for just a dance school.  My sister and I had birthday parties and slumber parties and had the run of the each room including the upstairs to play hide & seek.   One part of the front of the building was always ice cold. We used to hold drama lessons and theatre rehearsals in there, but no matter how high we turned up the heat you were always soo cold that the hair stood up on the back of your neck. 

  Also, there was a bathroom in this section.  The whole section of the building just had a bad "feeling" to it.  We singularly would try to hide in the bathroom when playing hide & seek, but would get spooked and run out.  So we then decided to start hiding in 2's.  No one would ever look for us in that bathroom because they were too afraid to go in that part of the building.  So me and my cousin would be hiding in the bathroom.  It would just get instantly colder than it already was, the hair on the back of your neck would raise and I remember feeling like someone was standing right behind me. We were soo chicken--we were hiding with the bathroom light on and the door closed so I could see it was only my cousin and I in there.  I remember feeling really freaked, but did not want to look like a woos till my cousin said, "I don't like it back here.  I don't want to play anymore."  

  There was another room upstairs where a group of us were sitting on the floor playing a board game.  All of us present the light in the room turned on and off repeatedly.  All of us just looked at each other, grabbed the game and flew downstairs.  My mom asked what was wrong and we told her and she thought we were just being silly. Then....the more weird stuff. My mom came in to work that day and smelled coffee brewing.  She was miffed at her partner for having left the coffee pot on.  She unplugged it, washed out the pot and prepared for the first class to arrive.  About a half and hour later she again smelled fresh brewed coffee.  She went into the hall which led into the front scary room and there she found the pot had been plugged in and coffee made.  There was no one else in the building.  This happened on and off through out our time there. 

  Another time, my mom and her partner were having a meeting in her partners office after classes had ended for the evening.  They were the only ones in the building.  They heard someone walk down the stairs, close the front bathroom door, urinate, flush, and go back up the stairs.  They ran into the bathroom and indeed the water was re-filling in the toilet.  They searched the building and found no one.  

  Things continued to happen more and more.  Mostly in the evening. Closet doors would open and close and it got to the point where my mom asked parents if they could wait to leave until she left too or my dad would have to come and meet her there before the last class ended so she wouldn't have to close by herself.  My dad thought things had gotten ridiculous to stay their any longer.  They contacted Sequoia (sp?) Realty and asked if there had been any strange occupancies with the house.  They said that it had been built on Indian burial ground and that the first house on that side street also was haunted.  Thanks for mentioning that when you sold it to us!   

  A couple years ago I went to L&G for a pedicure.  I told my male pedicurist the story and he looked at me in shock.  I said, "I know it sounds unbelievable."  He said, "No."  That before he decided to be in the profession he is in there now he was a painter and had painted all the rooms of the Brown Institute.  He painted alone and he would hear weird sounds, doors shut by themselves.  It was the summer time, but he was always freezing in there no matter how warm he dressed.  He said it got to the point that he had to get drunk in order to go to work and paint there in the evening.  He thought he was crazy, so was very relieved when he heard my story.  

I just thought I would share this story because I was surprised not to have heard more about it over the years or about the house on the same street either. 

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10/29/03:  Daisy shares her first-hand encounters with the ghost of a former slave.  A fascinating story.

I have seen quite a few ghosts in my life time.  I want to tell you about the one that I saw when I was ten years old.

My family moved to Ashtabula in 1948.  Since we were farmers in Mississippi,  my dad was interested in a farm, but my mother did not want to live in the rural area.  My dad found a farm and house in Cherry Valley,Ohio, that he wanted us to see.  My mother went along to please my dad.  

As we pulled into the driveway,  I saw an African-American man sitting on the porch in a straight back pine chair. (We are African_Americans,too).  I said, "Is that the owner of the house sitting on the porch?"   Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. "What man?" they said in chorus.   "The man sitting on the porch. Don't you see him?" I asked.   "No, there is no one on the porch!"  We got out of the car and walked toward the house. The man was still there. When I got to the porch, the man disappeared.

No one believed me. My dad even said that I plotted with my mother and made up the story to keep us from moving to Cherry Valley.  That was totally wrong. I was too young and unsophisticated to be involved in a plot. I can still see him in my mind's eye.

Then in the 1980's, I got involved with the Underground Railroad and took a trip to Joshua Giddings Museum in Jefferson. I saw a picture of Charlie Garlick. I said that's the man I saw sitting on that porch when I was ten years old!

Only thing is, he died in 1912.

Later in my research I found out that Mr. Garlick was a runaway slave who escaped to Ashtabula County in 1843 and lived in Andover, Dorset, Cherry Valley, and Jefferson. I have no idea now where that house was in Cherry Valley.  

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11/3/03:  Ghosties at the Flat Iron Cafe?  Woz shares some remarkable information--as well as her own encounters and great photographs--regarding possible hauntings at this historic Cleveland Flats establishment. 

I hope someone can help explain what is in these photos. I am not the owner of this establishment, so I'm not
sure if an investigation can be done, but could someone tell me what is in these photos..or give me an explanation? I guarantee, I have done nothing with the photos except resize them for the Web and draw red circles around what I thought were orbs. I know little about orbs, but have been told on another occassion, there were orbs in my photos (taken with another camera). I do have the original photos. 


I handheld the camera..there was no strap..I used the flash of the digital cam (Olympus, Camedia, C-4000, 4.0 Megapixels). The photos are untouched (resized in PhotoShop, but untouched). I've included the story behind the event. Some have said they even see faces in the photos I took of the singers. What do you think? I have no idea.  My lenses are clean...and there is no mist or fog in  the air. The flash is coming from the camera...The pictures were taken around 12:45 am on October 11th (really..since it was after midnight, October 12th). 

Story behind the pictures:

I go to the Flat Iron Cafe down in the Cleveland flats quite a bit. On Friday and Saturday nights they host singers/songwriters from around the area. A friend of mine was singing, one evening, so I took my digital camera to take a few pictures of him.  My daughter and I were at the bar talking with the staff about the place being haunted. The pictures  were taken as the staff was locking up the bar.  Everyone was coming outside and I went further down the walk to take pics of everyone leaving. I didn't see a mist in front of me. There was no fog..and I am alone. There is no one standing next to me or around me. Someone thought it was from a vent..the vent they were referring to is a quarry stone (not a vent). On the other side of the wall are tables. The kitchen is further in the back, and  everything was locked up tight.

The staff have experienced everything from glassware flying across the kitchen to footsteps and doors opening and closing after closing and everyone has left the bar. It seems (in 1810) the Flat Iron was a pub/restaurant for the sailors and the Irish  stevedores working around the port of Cleveland. It originally was a 4 story building. The top 2 floors served as a brothel. It seems sometime in the late  1800s, the top two floors burned and many of the brothel workers and their clients perished.   I've been in the place and have felt something brushing up against my ponytail and the back of my neck. The cook has told tales of glasses and plates flying off the shelves and smashing into the walls of the kitchen. At night, the custodian hears walking and strange noises on the upper floor and from back in the kitchen. 

These pics are untouched digital photos taken on a clear evening. There was no fog or mist. The pictures were taken in the evening.  I didn't see the ghost or mist until I downloaded the pics during the class I teach at a local university. I was upset about the mist on the picture and couldn't understand where it came from, since it was a clear night. One of the students screamed, "Mz. Woz, that's a ghost on those pictures!" I thought nothing of it, until I blew up the picture (on PhotoShop) and noticed the face or something....everyone that has seen the pics have  agreed...that's one of the ghosts of The Flat Iron. A local Cleveland psychic has been in the restaurant and has said that it's one of the more haunted buildings in Cleveland. I don't know if I believe, but I can't explain what is on my photos.  They are  untouched...just resized in PhotoShop. Who knows? 

All of the pictures are posted on my Web site at (an educational demonstration site for my classes)

We'd really like to know what is in those photos.




These are just a small sampling of her photographs, so we strongly encourage you to visit her Flat Iron Cafe Ghosts page for more photos and info.  The photos are really quite fascinating.

is interested in hearing from anyone else willing to share their experiences at the Flat Iron, as well as possible explanations for the photographs.  Any responses we receive here at Dead Ohio will be posted as a follow up in this section.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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1/27/04:  A haunted warehouse and former mortuary in Canal Fulton has opened its doors for ghost hunters like Sherri, who shares the building's spooky legends, as well as some photographs from a ghost tour of the place.

Canal Fulton Ohio - Warehouse on the Canal - 239 N. Canal St.

This is a 3-story brick building that was built in 1906 and was the home of Finnefrock Furniture for many years. There have been reports of apparitions in period clothing, disembodied footsteps, lights turning on and off, radio stations changing and unexplained noises.

This was also home to a mortuary in the lower basement from 1916-1936.  There have been high EMF readings and temp drops noted at the same time.  Spirit  energy has produced orbs in photographs and caused someone with physic abilities to feel "bombarded" on a recent visit. Two reports have been given from 2 separate visitors who "saw" a dead child at the bottom of the stairs to the attic.  I have dowsed this building several times for spirit energy and found many spirits present and moving.

This building now houses an antique mall and shops, along with a wonderful teahouse called "Let's Mango" . The building is open to the public, but the 3rd floor and basement mortuary can only be accessed during the ghost tours that they are now giving there. Reservations for tours 1-330-854-1111.

Canal Fulton is a very historic town located on the Ohio Erie Canal and was a boom town for miners and canalers back in the mid 19th century.  Not everything is so quaint in this town, though, after experiencing this building energies! Haunted Rogues Hollow, Cry Baby Bridge and Lock 4 are not far away. The home across the road was a stop on the Underground Railroad and has tunnels leading to the canal at one time.

First photo- "basement orbs" taken in the basement mortuary

2nd photo- Dowsing for spirit energy in the basement mortuary-an orb is behind him.


3rd photo- 2nd floor moving orb


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9/11/05: The coolest (or most evil) stepmother in the world takes Dumbchica and her friend on a terror ride through Rogue's Hollow.

Just last night, I had a friend spend the night at my house. Around 11:30, my stepmom and stepsister, who had been staying with me that night, started telling my friend and I stories about Rogue's Hollow. The more they told us about it, the more I wanted to go. I had never heard of this place before.  I have heard of crybaby bridge, but I had no idea it was so close to where I live.

After all the story telling, I was convinced that I had to go. So all four of us jumped into the car and made our way to Rogue's Hollow. My friend and I were in the back seat.  Once we arrived, you could just feel the difference in the mood.

They took us to crybaby bridge first. We turned off our car and listened.  I was a little freaked out.  So my friend and I were in the back seat huddled together with my head in her lap. All I could hear were animals until, at once, I heard a very loud screech come from under the bridge.  It sounded like something metal was coming up the side of the bridge.  As my stepmom yells, "TURN ON THE CAR, LETS GO!", it stopped.  So, so we turned off the car again (this time with my window up) and once again we heard it.  We hurried and drove away.

We then drove to the actual Rogue's Hollow bridge, and got up the courage to actually get out and walk around, clenching onto the flashlight. We made our way onto the bridge, but nothing really happened there.  But, we did see 2 trains coming at each other at the same time.  Yet, nothing happened.  I was just reading other stories of the "ghost train" so who knows...

7/19/04: Bobby shares an interesting version of the crybaby bridge legend:

I grew up in Norton, Ohio, and as a teen, spent lots of time in Rogue's Hollow. The story I learned was different from your two versions.   I heard the family house was caught on fire in the middle of the winter. The mother grabbed the baby, whose clothing was on fire, and took it to the river to douse the flames. In her panic, she drowned her baby. Her wails can be heard, along with the crying baby, when you shut off your parked car on the bridge. It is said your car won't restart.

I was always too afraid to try it!

4/7/04:  Strange white lights and the image of a woman holding a baby...these are just a few of the sights witnessed by BoccGirl at Rogue's Hollow:

I just wanted to share an experience we had last summer. It was really late and our neighbors are really into the paranormal as am I. My husband Jim just tags along to make me happy. Anyway, as with most people who grew up around here, we used to frequent Rogue's Hallow as kids. We were really bored and  decided to pile into their van and go down there for old time's sake. As always, we stopped down at the bridge by the Historical Society. In all the years that we went there, nothing other than the locals getting pissed has happened.  Disappointed, we drove around, deciding to explore it some more.

We decided  since all the bridges run over the same water, we would explore the other bridges.   Now, as soon as we drove over this one, our blood ran cold. My daughter woke up out of a sound sleep and cried, saying she wanted to go home. Because we passed over it, we had to turn around. Amanda turned the van around and we  parked on the bridge, rolling down all the windows to see if we could hear anything. She left the lights on, but they kept dimming in and out, and I felt really strange.  I asked if anyone else was feeling anything, when to the right of  the van...there was an ear piercing, hideous scream that sounded neither like a man or any animal I have ever heard in my life. We all screamed, even the two men who are both close to thirty. Needless to say, we left. Twice we passed over the bridge and every time my daughter would wake up and cry. That did nothing to calm our fears about the place.

Twice, I have went back there.  I'm just too curious. The second time, we got out of the van, although I will tell you it takes some serious gumption just because of the stark terror that comes over you there. Walking onto the bridge takes every amount of courage in me. Standing there and looking over the right side of the bridge, Chris and I heard what sounded like whispering coming from nearby. We also noticed a white light moving down the shallow river. Fireflies glow yellow and they flicker...this light is steady and white. Every time we have went and got out of the vehicle, you feel instantly cold and several of us have felt something touch us.

The last time we went, I was feeling quite brave. The light was clearly visible down river and to the right. I walked over to the left side of the bridge and stared, seeing if I could see anything. This is where it gets interesting, if you want to believe local legend. This was in the summer, but, looking at the reflection in the water to the left of the river bank, the trees and everything make quite an eerie shadow. If you look, you will see what looks like a woman with her hair in a bun and a high necked dress holding out a swaddled baby in front of her. That is an intense image and you have to wonder....

We drove around for a while, trying to forget about the odd reflection and before we left, we stopped at the bridge one more time. This time, we got out and looked for the light. It had moved to the left side of the bridge and I swear on everything I own, that as we stood there looking at it, it began moving back towards the bridge where we stood. Needless to say, we all ran back to the van and got the hell out of there.

I'm sure with summer coming and since I got a digital camera, I will be going back. I want to get to the bottom of whatever is out there on that bridge. We suspect we have located the real haunted bridge in Rogue's Hollow. I will take pictures both during the day and at night and send them in. If anyone else is nterested in seeing this place for themselves and seeing if they agree...I will be more than happy to send in directions.

Happy haunting!


3/31/04: Janelle shares some creepy stories and her own experiences at the infamous hollow:

Back in high school, there used to be a spot that we all would frequent. Rogue’s Hollow specifically. We used to go driving around out there.

As with many other urban legends it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is actual historic fact.

There are stories of a “devil ghost” that would haunt this one tree that overhung the road. The stories were that he’d jump down onto your car and try and cause an accident. That limb has since been removed and the stories about the devil have ceased.

There is also a ghost train.  It is said that if you drove over the tracks at exactly midnight on a specific night, your car would die.  You wouldn’t be able to get out or start it and you’d see the train coming.  The train would then disappear right before it would hit you. That actually happened to a group of my friends one night. I am inclined to believe them because of who was there. I know he wasn’t accustomed to making up stuff and not one word of the story differed between the 4 people that were in the car.

There are also stories of a witch that used to live in the hollow. There’s a barn that was said to be where she lived, or at least where she used to perform her “rituals”. The barn is actually still there. There’s another story of the witch that says she’d sacrificed some children as part of her rituals. There’s also a story that the house next to Cry Baby Bridge was home to some satanic worshippers at one point in time. We were actually chased out there once by some people who came out of that house which I believe now is home to the Rogue’s Hollow Historical Society.

My story is a little weird – not really a “ghost” story exactly, as I didn’t see any. However, it was very freaky!  My sisters and I were taking some friends home to Doylestown one night after being at the local Rollercade all evening. I decided to take the long way and go over Cry Baby Bridge, not an unusual thing to do. I was driving a 1981 Pontiac Catalina – basically a boat on wheels! Immediately after crossing the bridge, my headlights started to act weird. They went from normal to bright, to normal, to parking lights and then off, then back up to parking lights, normal, then bright and back down again and continued to do this for several days. I took my car to a mechanic who could find nothing wrong with the electrical wiring. I then decided to drive back over the bridge – after doing that – the lights died completely. My dad replaced the bulbs and they were fine.

One night not too long after that, my cousin’s friend, who lived about 2 miles from the bridge, had a sleepover.  My cousin, the friend, and I snuck out of her parents' house and went to meet some boys down at the bridge. That was the creepiest walk EVER. We agreed to meet them at 12am. We got to the bridge shortly after that, only to find that they ditched us. We didn’t hear a baby cry or anything remotely close to that, but we all felt a presence. A very heavy, sad feeling was felt by all of us. It was very strange and hard to describe. Really freaked us out! Needless to say we left rather quickly. Nothing else happened on the way back to her house. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been there, even though I still live less than 10 miles away. I’ve taken up “ghost hunting” recently and will be returning to Rogue’ s Hollow to take some picture and go to the various spots and see what I can feel/see/sense and hopefully capture something in some pictures. If I find anything, I will share it with you. We’re going to go out there soon. We’d like to go on Friday the 13th or a full moon. I wish I could find something that would  shed some light on an actual date that the woman drowned her baby – but from friends who claimed to hear the baby cry – it was a full moon or a Friday the 13th that they heard it. I would LOVE to get an EVP of that!

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4/6/04:  A neighbor of the castle shares his thoughts and experiences:

I live about 10 to 15 minutes away from Squires Castle. My dad used to take my sister and I up there to play and hike up in the woods behind the castle. I have never heard of Squires Castle being haunted until I checked out this great website. The only thing eerie or strange around the Castle is the Castle itself. It is a little out of place and unfinished. It's a nice attraction to see, and the park is beautiful. Even as a young kid, going there to play was great and I never felt anything strange in the castle or in the woods.

The biggest news around here that you hear about Squires Castle is that people go up there to get 'high' or drunk or just a place for the high schoolers to schedule a fight. I even had my homecoming pictures taken there in ninth grade. 

However, there was one scary incident that happened in the woods behind the castle. My dad, sister, and I were hiking along the trails and we got lost.  For some reason, we kept circling the same paths.  It was getting dark and the park closes at sundown, so we were worried. We seemed to keep passing the same tree with some Indian markings on it. Obviously, we eventually made it out.

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10/13/05: Orbs at Mansfield Prison?  *gasp*  Michelle captured some of those pesky little critters during a hunt last year:

Last October, my boyfriend and I went to the reformatory for the annual haunted hunt, and being fascinated by old architecture I started to take pics of the outside building. When I looked at these pics later, I was startled to see so many orbs in the pics, especially the one where the orb is really bright. Kinda sad to think that so many souls are still attatched to that place.  Here are the pics.



10/12/05: From Andy Harley

My name is Andy Harley. As my tiny tribute to the paranormal, and also a small dedication to your awesome site, I would like to share with you a poem that I’ve written entitled, “Here Comes the Chill” – which is based on taking a Ghost Hunt in the old Ohio State Reformatory.  This particular poem of mine is now actually framed and hanging on a wall in the old Ohio State Reformatory. In the past 3 years I’ve become pretty good friends with the head tour administrator of OSR – Jan Urban; I sent Jan the poem about a year ago, and she then displayed it for me!

I should also mention to you that I was given the wonderful opportunity of having my book of 62 poems, Till The Dreaming’s Done: “Poems Crafted For Thinking People” (ISBN 1-4137-8232-9) published this year, and this is actually one of the poems that can be found in my book.  So, it would be an absolute HONOR for me to share just this 1 thing of mine with a whole plethora of ghosthunters strewn throughout this great big world of ours:


The old Ohio State Reformatory
Is the place I'll be exploring tonight;
Staying in there from darkness till dawn,
I pray that everything will be alright.

Back in 1896 is when it first opened its doors,
And stood 94 years as a working prison;
As daylight drains from the evening sky,
A masking curtain of fog now clouds my vision.

Looking up at the castlelike corner turrets,
And cold gray foreboding stone,
This massive medieval looking structure,
I now make my way into . . . all alone.

Sharing this place with a slew of souls,
Some who had met untimely and “accidental” deaths;
How uncertain it will be in here,
And I hope not to feel anyone’s hands or breaths.

Down the abandoned hallways I go,
Walking over a few creaking floorboards;
My flashlight reveals shadowy corners,
As a door off its hinges I now head towards.

Many rooms honeycomb this administration area,
And at times, I stand in pause;
I'm just waiting for something to materialize,
And walk itself right through these walls.

I inhale reflections from the past,
And the echo of tragically departed souls appears;
It’s as if human eyes haven't seen any of these parts,
In over one hundred years.

As I now wend my way though the dungeon-like basement,
It’s almost like a small maze?
In the morbid blackness, I strain my eyes to see,
With a fixed unblinking gaze;

My thoughts are piled like cordwood
And stoke the fires of my nervous imagination;
You can just feel the restless energy resonating,
And right away, I decide to leave this location.

Spellbinding, and stacked tier on tier,
I now move towards the six-story steel cellblock.
Being the tallest freestanding one in the world,
Its doors are now open round the clock.

The peeling lead paint looms and lingers
Off of its shivery walls and decaying bars;
A person can sense by walking its corridors
All of its traumatic, and unseeable scars;

Finally, I journey to the dreaded solitary confinement,
Also known as The Hole.
Imprinted on this area are the spirits of tormented inmates,
Who still do lurk and stroll.

It has a very strong and musty, unlived smell,
That hangs thick in the whispering air.
As I fearlessly walk down to the end of its wing
I am somewhat foreseeing a scare.

Suddenly, I encounter some icy cold spots,
Followed by a real eye-opening chill;
Both of them make my hair stand up on end,
And I think I've now just about had my fill.

I am both physically, and mentally exhausted;
But with a strange little smile on my face.
Heading home to sleep with my light on,
I'm just glad I escaped the perils of this place!

10/6/05: Melissa, a former corrections officer for the reformatory, recalls some weird experiences:

I just wanted to say that I worked in Mansfield OHIO for the Reformatory as a Correctional Officer, I worked for the State of OHIO for 11 years. I have a partial retirement from the State and now I am a Police Officer.

I can tell you, there was some strange things that from time to time did go on at the Reformatory, however they could of been explained as a coincidence. There was a Lieutenant, Lieutenant Johnson, who used to purposely place items in the old Furniture Factory which was located (no longer there, they tore it down when they tore down the walls) on the North East end of the yard. Now I worked the North East tower several times and I saw a person standing in the window of the Furniture Factory on the top floor (around 2 am EST) but it could have been an employee. Who was in there at that time of night without using a flashlight, who knows??? It was strange because all the lights stayed off at night, you always would know when and employee was there because of seeing flashlight.  I never saw a light but a person... so that was a weird incident, still could of been an employee.

The factory was full of very old heavy, large furniture.  Lt. Johnson would move the furniture to see if you had found an item he had placed in there and report it to him.  A lot of guards were afraid of going in there at night, or just plain lazy to do a round. I was a lazy one, and chilled at the same time.  Half the time I was afraid of the very large cats, real "Garfields" with heads the size of dogs.  But some of these items would come up missing, and no one would know what happened to them.  A lot of stabbings took place in the Funiture factory, so that could explain the ghosts if it was really true.

If you go up to the top of the range all the way to chapel, they used to keep a coffin in there.  There was writing from the 1860's on the wall from inmates, and I know that a lot of them died in earlier years due to stabbings. So, all of this probably could explain a ghost or two.

I heard a lot of strange unexplained noises at night, but they could of been bats, rats, or very large cats.

4/1/2004:  Janelle shares this strange photo she captured at the infamous Mansfield Reformatory.  She writes: 

This picture contains a face in some mist by the pond there. I emailed that one to a friend and he found 10 other faces in the same picture. I actually did look at it again and can see a few others, but I didn't see all that he found.


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10/23/05: Jordy offers up even more creepy legends that would give any sane person pause before exploring Egypt Road Bridge:

Egypt swamps at the bottom of Painter Hill in Salem are said to be haunted by a lady known as "The Lady of the Blue Mist." When the fog is out on some nights she apparently rises from the swamps.

There is also a bridge called Cry Baby Bridge.  There are many stories on this one.  The first story tells of a lady who throws her baby over the bridge. On some nights you can hear the baby crying. I've also heard one where the lady loses the baby and finds it at the end of the bridge.  As she is running over, the baby falls over the bridge. And once again, on some nights you can hear the baby crying.

Eygpt road is known to the locals as the haunted road. There is also a story of the Three Pyramids. Supposedly, when the fog and the light is just right, it looks like there are three pyramids on the swamps.

8/13/05: Nikki shares her creepy experiences and some information about this cursed bridge.

I live about 20 mins from the bridge itself and I went there last night for the first time. I did go at night...around midnight with 4 of my friends. We stayed on the bridge for a while then we walked the path that went further out.

In your article you talk about where that path ends at a field. That field is a strip mine from years ago. And if you keep going, there is a big hill out there.  That is the reason they had to close that road and bridge, because it was washing away too easily with the rain and snow.

I was looking at your pictures I'm not sure if you have been back here more recently, but it has changed some. Everything is more grown over and rusted. And there is still yet more graffiti. Also, the rope is still there, it has been there for many years. In addition, there was a cult down there about 18-20 years ago.  They did sacrifice many of the animals that they stole from neighboring farms. I was really young when that happened, but I do vaguely remember my babysitter taking me out there to see all of it.

I just thought I would share some of this information. And also to tell you that it is 100 times creepier at night. I did hear the sound of babies crying. The further you walk along that path beyond the bridge, the more you feel like you're walking away from sanity. It is something I truly do not think I will ever forget as long as I live.

2/23/05: Josh and his friend encounter ghostly headlights while exploring this infamous bridge:

My friend Alex and I decided to visit Egypt Road after reading about it online. We wanted to see if the rumors about hearing a baby cry were true, because supposedly you are supposed to be able to hear a baby crying at night at certain times. We went in the dark, carrying a flashlight for use if needed. The old road that comes off of Egypt Road is sort of hard to find, but finally we found the location and parked the car.

In order to block any traffic from coming onto the road, which has been closed for over 20 years, there are two gates. The first has a metal pin that goes through two holes in the gate, holding it shut. Once we stepped over the gate, we went down this asphalt path into the woods towards the bridge. The bridge itself is pretty close to the main road, but hidden enough that you won't see it at first at night.

The bridge has a large pentagram drawn into the center of it, possibly because of the alleged cult activity that goes on there. If you look under the bridge, you can also see a rope that hangs down, which has been tied to the bridge supports. This was supposedly from a man who hung himself and committed suicide there, and the rope still hangs where it did on that day.

After inspecting the bridge, we continued down the road. I think that it goes on for quite some time, for a couple of miles at least... but it's now covered with mud and we quickly turned back, not sure that there was any point in going forward.  However, when we reached the bridge and looked back into the woods in the road we had just come from, there were headlights there. They were about a mile out in the distance, but they were definitely on the old road that had been blocked off. They seemed to stay there for a while, and then they slowly dimmed and then went out.  This was the weirdest thing that happened, because there was no reason that a car would be down that road when it was mostly mud and hadn't been used for years.

We walked back towards the cars, but when we arrived at that first gate, we were surprised to find that it was open wide, not closed like it had been earlier. And on top of that, the metal pin was totally missing. As we got in the car to leave, the headlights returned once again... either as a warning to not come back, or a goodbye, I don't know... but it's very possible that the former travelers on that road still drive there today...


5/2/04: Freda shares her tale of evil, morphing shadow "people" at the Egypt Road bridge.

One day, I went to Egypt Road with my friend and her family. Well, my friend and I were too chicken to go in the woods, so we stayed in the car with her mom.  Her dad and brother came running out of the woods screaming "there's something back there".  I said  "what?"  They said they saw a huge white fog with something black in the middle that keeps changing form.  I got really scared. Then, we all heard a moaning sound. We took off as fast as we could. Then out of the blue, there was a truck coming out of the woods.  The guy was speeding up closer to us like he was trying to ram us.  I got a good look at the driver.  He was a shadowy person and his face looked like it was "melted." It scared us bad and before we knew it, we were safe and out.

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4/13/04:  Holy Shit! Fast-Freight literally crawled through the dark, claustrophobic depths of Haydenville Tunnel to give us this report and photographs of the haunted tunnel and nearby cemetery.  We're not worthy.

On Monday, April 12th, 2004, I went with my wife up to Haydenville to try and find that haunted RR tunnel that is mentioned on the Ohio Exploration Society's website. The sun was shining and I thought, looks like a good day for a road trip. Well, I guess I should have watched Dick Goddard the night before, because by the time we got to Mansfield it was clouding up, and by the time we hit Lancaster, it was raining.  Damn, you can't win.

It was after 6:00 pm, and we drove around for 45 mins looking for it. The place is so close, but so hard to find unless you know what you're looking for.  It is right next to a cemetery, but there are 2 of them in town on top of the hill. One has a sign called Wolfe cemetary, the other is West of it and has a winding gravel road to the top.  Next to that cemetery, I spotted an old RR abutment. We drove up near the cemetery.  By then, it was a very light drizzle and the rain stopped briefly.

I got out, hiked all over, and found the North tunnel entrance over the hill in the underbrush. It had slimy moss covered ties leading up to a caved-in entrance.  I thought shit, no way in this way. The railroad line was a narrow gauge line of 3ft. I presume this was the gauge line because the RR ties are only about 6 footers instead of the standard 8 ft. ties. The line must have gone North into the hills a few miles to bring clay and tile products into town to deliver to the standard gauge railroad.

I then climbed up over the hill in line with the North entrance to find the South entrance. I walked down right into the cemetery. This was bizarre.  It looked like the tunnel was going under the cemetery.

I then looked for the South entrance, which I shortly found less than 100 ft. from the west end of the cemetery. The tunnel must curve slightly to miss going directly under the cemetery.  I got to the opening and took some pictures, then walked back to get my flashlight to do some exploring. My wife insisted on staying in the van and did not partake in my adventurous exploration of a tunnel by a cemetery. 

I got back to the tunnel with my lousy 2 battery D cell flashlight, which was not very bright, and walked into the tunnel opening. The ground outside of the tunnel entrance is really 4 inches of muck that you have to walk in to get to the entrance.  Then, about 20 ft. in the opening, there is a cave-in with about a 5 ft. opening to crawl over. The tunnel is lined with a brick tile. I crawled thru the first opening, went about 50 ft., and came to another cave-in with a similar opening to crawl thru. 

After that, the tunnel is open for a long way in. I only went in about a hundred feet.  Inside, there are still ties on the tunnel floor. The place is very creepy.  There was water dripping from the ceiling and walls, and there was a thick cloudy mist.  It is darker than hell in there.  Also, knowing that the tunnel runs in the hill right next to a cemetery makes it more creepy!  By then, my heart was pounding enough with the heebie jeebies, and I thought, "I'm getting the hell out of here!"

I rate the Haydenville tunnel a 4 star rating on a whistle stop tour of creepy places to visit, but it is also an unsafe place to go crawling into and I do not recommend crawling around inside unless you have others with you and someone to stay on the outside in case of an emergency. It is definitely not OSHA approved!  

Below are Fast Freight's photographs of his insane exploration of the tunnel and cemetery.


"The North entrance to Haydenville tunnel, which is caved in. You can notice moss covered RR ties in the foreground leading to the entrance."


The South entrance.


"This photo was taken standing in the Southwest corner of the cemetery looking to the Northeast.  The South tunnel opening is just to the left, less than a hundred feet."


"This photo looks west at the cemetery from the parking loop drive at the top."

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6/9/04:  Here's a real chiller, complete with the urban-legend trimmings of the classic homicidal killer, courtesy of Justin:

I'm from a little Ohio town in Hardin County. Right off of State Route 235 heading west is a road we like to call Devil's Pitchfork. The road is occupied by two houses and is almost two miles long. The first house is set back off the road deep in the woods. Out in front of this house is a fence with a plant on it. The plant does not touch the ground and seems to be growing without any roots planted in the ground. The odd thing about the plant is that it has grown into the shape of a pitchfork. Older people from the the 60's and 70's used to call this road Lover's Lane until a couple was brutally murdered by an escaped prisoner from the Lima Correctional Institute. Its believed that the girl's boyfriend was able to wound the convict while trying to fight him off and it's said that his body was found where the pitchfork is located.

In the house behind the pitchfork is where the ex-convict's son lives by himself with absolutely no power of access to his home other than walking. One Halloween me and some friends went out the for a dare, the dare was to walk from one  end of devil's pitchfork to the other with no lights, we'll just say it didn't happen, we were chased off by a whitehaired man carrying an axe. I haven't been to the Pitchfork since.

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7/26/04:  If you ever had the feeling that there was something *not right* about Cedar Point's Frontier Trail, former employee Nicole explains why:

Legend has it that the ghost of a young woman walks up and down frontier trail looking for her boyfriend / husband.  She is often seen walking past CJ's Provisions in the Frontier Trail. Anyone working in that stand has reportedly felt someone there or has apparently seen someone walking by the doors when they are closed before the season begins.

Strange things have happened in CJ's. If you leave a sponge on the sink in the fudge area and leave to go and do something, like take your break or go outside to get something and you come back and your sponge is gone. No one else has taken it or even seen where it went to. Then when you go back, sometimes the sponge reappears in the same place that you last left and there are only 2 of you in the stand. (I have first hand experience with this since I've worked there this past 2003 season.)

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7/26/04:  Unexplained noises, the ghost of a young woman, and faceless apparitions await visitors to this historic Sandusky hotel, as told by Nicole:

The whole park is rumored to be haunted, and also rumored to have been built on a native burial ground.There are two known reoccurring instances of hauntings in Hotel Breakers. To get the story straight on Hotel Breakers (it was probably a seasonal employee making something up about Fridays):

Hotel Breakers now has four sections, all of which were built at different places in time.  The oldest and still central being of the hotel is "The Rotunda", which is named so for its circular five floored circular structure of which live it's majority of rooms. "The Lobby" is a two story structure in which contain offices and old meeting rooms on the first floor of such, the second floor has rooms that were once guest rooms, now employee dwellings. This is that which we are most interested in, for in one of the two-second floor hallways is room #169.

Room #169 is the very room in which during the early 1900s, when the park was still just a beach resort, a guest by the name of Mary hung herself in her room in dismay (supposedly over a lover). Since then, employees and guests alike have had odd occurrences, disturbances, violent unseen actions, noises, and problems with electronics.

The third oldest portion of the hotel is "Breakers East." This section wasn't built until the mid 90's, and is portioned into three and four floors. The occurrences in this section include sightings of "faceless apparitions" in a small combination of number. All other sightings and instances are not known as reoccurring and random. 

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11/12/04: Even a most level-headed local resident discovers the unexpected--and unexplained--at Panther's Hollow: 

We live down here in Holmes County, just outside of Berlin. We have the largest settlement of Amish in the states. But even in a small, religious community like ours, we still have our legends. Probably the best known legend in our community is "The Angel". It an actual tombstone of an angel, with large wings and eyes that follow you as you pass by. Back in high school in the 80's, that was the place to go to get creeped out. No one knows about the lady that is laid to rest there, but here is what supposedly will happen: if you go at midnight, and leave a tape recorder there, leave & come back, you will hear her heartbeat. We did this on numerous occasions, and truth be told we did hear a heartbeat.

About a year after I graduated, someone broke her head off and stole it. She looks forlorn standing there without her head. The cemetary is closed at dusk, and now there is a huge spotlight that shines all night long. There are also people on lookout for trespassers at night. She can still produce shivers as you drive by at night on that lonely, little road.

The second place that we always went to, (and I think the scariest!) is Panther Hollow. Located not far from the angel cemetery, it is a tiny country road that drops off another country road. As you turn onto it, you immediately start heading down, down into this deep, dark hollow. The trees are thick, towering and huge, and the darkness at night is total. It got its name from panther sightings in the 50's. It also has a crybaby bridge. No longer really a bridge, they fixed it a couple of years ago.  The legend was as most crybaby bridge stories go: a lady drowned her baby there, and at night you can hear the baby cry if you park on the bridge.

There was also a creepy house that used to be at the bottom of the hollow, but it burned down about 30 years ago. Also, there are huge rocks that are scattered around the hollow with things carved into them.

What happened recently is what prompted me to send in this e-mail. My daughter, who is 14, and her friends love for me to drive them down to Panther Hollow and then on to the angel. It really makes one big circle. Last august 2004, on a hot, full moon night, she had some friends over and they decided they wanted to go on a ride. So the four girls and I hopped in the truck and took off. I was such a hot night there was even heat lightning. We drove through Panther Hollow, which was particularly dark that night even with the full moon. We made our way through, then on to the angel cemetery.

The girls decided they wanted to go back through Panther Hollow, so we backtracked and came in from the other end of the hollow. There are no houses there either, save one Amish farm at the end of the hollow. We were driving through and came to the first of the sharp curves at the bottom of the hollow. These curves cut through the huge rocks and come out at crybaby bridge.

As we rounded the first curve, I saw two figures run across the road. As much as I like doing scary stuff, I don't really have a tendency to imagine things. I decided that I wasn't going to tell the girls, especially if they hadn't seen it. But my daughter said, "MOM", and I said, "yes, I saw them too." One girl in the backseat saw them, too. The other two girls were looking out the side of the truck. When we described them to each other, they were eerily the same. Two distinct figures that were white and transparent, running (flying?) across the road where the old house used to be and crybaby bridge is located. They disappeared instantly.

Now, in all the years I've gone to Panther Hollow, I've never seen anything, ever... but I know I didn't imagine it---it was there. We took off for home like a shot.

We've been back since, in October, when she had her birthday party. We had a carload of 13 girls, but saw nothing. I was very scared driving down there that night...but I'm glad I went. It shows me that things only show up when they feel like it, like when you're not expecting it. I'd rank Panther Hollow as one of the scariest places in Ohio. Nothing like a deep, dark hollow to scare you silly!


10/4/04: An anonymous reader tells of a frightening experience at a Crybaby Bridge in Panther's Hollow:

In Millersburg, Ohio, there is a crybaby's bridge, located down Panther's Hollow.  I was with 4 of my friends and we stopped on crybaby bridge. I didn't hear any baby crying, but I did hear and saw someone walking with something in it's arms. Then, we got scared and left.  As we were leaving, I heard someone scream.

Also, at the end of the lane, there are two different roads.  If you take the one on the left, and keep going, there is another split-off.  Take the left road.  After driving a while, there is a cemetery on the right.  At this cemetery, there's supposed to be a witch's grave and a headless angel.  It's freaky there.

7/18/04:  Never Again shares this ghostly tale in the heart of Amish country:

I live in Millersburg Ohio.  It's a small community and is somewhat of a tourist attraction because we have a lot of Amish and Amish shops of home made furniture and things. I've never seen anything though about Millersburg on the haunted Ohio sites.  We have several places in millersburg that are good places to go and see ghosts.

We have a place called Panthers Hollow.  I know of two people who have died in Panthers Hollow: one man had cancer and went there to blow his head off, and a woman was murdered there just in the last five years. I have lived here all my life and when I was younger, I used to go to Panthers Hollow with my friends and we would see and hear different sounds and sights.   I am a mother and a grandmother now, but I will never go back as long as I live.

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8/20/04:  Julie and Dave share some strange, eerie photographs that they captured at the River Styx Cemetery.  Yup, that's a big friggin' orb, alright:

Came across your website and noticed River Styx Cemetery listed in your cemetery pages. We have picked up quite a few encounters from this cemetery. We thought we'd send you a couple of photos. The Orb was taken at night (of course).  It was taken on a clear evening last fall. As for the photo of the face, it was taken in the underground cavern and that was taken around 4 p.m. and that was from this summer. We thought you might find these as interesting as we did.


Webmistress note:  The "cavern" is actually an underground crypt.  It is said that an apparition of a woman in white will appear in this area.  She is a benevolent entity, which is more than what we can say about those surly cows!

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10/3/04:  John shares his creepy experiences while exploring the Wisner Road crybaby bridge in Kirtland, and comes up with an interesting theory about the haunting:

A friend and I had found out about this bridge and went to check  it out. Here is how the bridge works: You need to park your car half on and half off.  Tonight, at midnight, we did this. 

First, we heard the sounds of the water rushing and the crickets.  Suddenly, it faded out.  Then, we started to hear this *whooshing* sound.  At first, it started really low, but quickly got louder. It sounded like someone breathing deeply.  While this sound was going on, we could hear a very faint cry... an unmistakable cry, I might add.  Then, I felt the around around us getting colder. At this point, we left.  It was just too creepy.  All the hairs on my body stood on end. 

I might add that during this trip to the bridge, neither of us were under the influence of anything.  No beer.  No pot. 

Before tonight, I have gone to the bridge twice, but experienced nothing.  This was mainly because we were all the way on the bridge. This time, though, we got quite a difference experience.  My friend thinks that maybe that is where a body is buried, and that this person died while being half on and half off the bridge, crushed under the weight of a car.

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9/18/04: Just incredible.  Joe shares this fascinating, extraordinary account of playing with mysterious children in Franklin Castle while he was a child.

I have a very true story concerning the Franklin Castle that happened many years ago. First of all let me assure you that I am no quack, no matter how strange all of this may sound. I am a retired US Navy Chief and now am an Independent Investor. I am not attempting to write a book or anything else like that. I simply need to tell someone this who may understand even a little.

Today, I was going through a scrap book my Mother put together for me as I was growing up. She did this for all of her Children. Anyway, I came across this newspaper article from about 1980 with a picture of the Franklin Castle with a picture of a self-proclaimed psychic Eleanora Bernstein standing in front. This aroused my curiosity and I typed in Franklin Castle into Yahoo and thus found your website. Now to why this all makes sense to me:

I used to live on Dexter Ave, just down the street from the Franklin Castle. I had two older Sisters.  One summer day in 1962, my older Sister decided to take me and my other Sister to meet some new friends she had found. Unknowingly to my Mother, the three of us left the back yard and walked up the street to the Franklin Castle. My Sister told us we had to go through "this door and go to the 3rd floor. " So we did. I remember climbing the stair case, and my Sister knocked on the door.  A little girl opened it and invited us in. I remember us going into the room and playing with these three kids. We must not have stayed very long because my Sister said "Let's go, I just wanted you to meet them" and we left and returned to our back yard.  At that time, Mom did not even know we were gone.

A day or two later we did the same thing again--we walked to the castle, went up to the 3rd floor, and knocked on the door.  However, this time, a man opened the door.  He was slender, dark hair, nicely dressed, I would say thinking back on it now that he was in his 40's. He looked at the three of us and said "The Children Cannot Play Today." We said OK and left the castle.

When we returned home Mother was standing out front of the house on the sidewalk watching us walking home.  She was mad as a hornet; "Where have you kid's been?", she shouted. My Sister told her that we had gone to the Franklin Castle to play with the new kids. "What new kids?" Mother said. "The kid's on the 3rd floor," my younger Sister replied.

When our Father got home from work, Mother told him of what we had done. When she told him of the kids on the third floor, he said, "That proves they are fibbing to you, you can't get to the third floor. The owner has it closed off, and no one lives up there." "Yes you can!" we all shouted.  "We played up there with the kids."

The next day, our parents took us to the Castle. We meet (I assume) the owner. He allowed us in and we walked through the door we had entered before.  However, this time, there was a closed, locked door at the bottom of the stair case.  He unlocked it and opened it to show us. The steps looked very old, as if they were not used in many years. The owner informed us that no one uses or even goes up there much any more. I was just four years old when all of this happened. My Sisters and I sometimes will talk about it. We know what we saw and did at the Franklin Castle, and now today I finally read about the other strange things that happened there in the past.

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10/23/04: The spirits of insane Civil War soldiers, suicidal children, and even dogs wander the lonely, dark trails....and they're not happy.  Allie shares more:

Only a few people know about the hauntings of Euclid Forest.  It is located right behind the I-90 overpass. There is sort of a trail off of Euclid Avenue, but it is no secret to the librarians of Euclid Library.  In the middle of the woods near the overpass and very close to a local teen party spot, there are remains of a civil war insane asylum and children'shospital (which is pretty big).

As the story goes, sometime in the 1800's the old hospital broke out in flames, taking the lives of many children and soldiers and two great danes.  I have seen them myself, and they are not very friendly.

The woods around this fire pit is the creepiest place to stay at night.  Most say it's haunted.  I think it is possessed. On fine, muggy nights, the woods come alive and seem to watch you.  I cannot remember how many times I have been chased out of the forest. 

One night, four of my friends and I went into the woods, set up a tent and built a fire.  While we were there, we felt that we were not alone.  We heard loud cracking sounds coming from the tree branches above, as if they were breaking under the weight of something large.  Then, two very large, pale white great danes appeared and began circling us, creating a a large white mist.  Then, they vanished.  As soon as they were gone, we booked it out of there as fast as we could.  As we were leaving, we could hear laughter from both sides of the trail.  The voices sounded like they were coming from right in front of us.

Also in the forest, there is a very large brick bridge, dating back to the early 1800's.  It is said that after the fire at the hospital, the children who escaped got lost in the woods and had no food or water.  Believing that they were miles away from civilization, they entered into a suicide pact.  One by one, they hung themselves off the side of the bridge.  If you should ever wander to that bridge at night, walk the trail of the dead and over the bridge toward the ruins of the hospital, and sit and listen, you will hear some strange things. 

However, try not to get caught.  Many people, especially around Halloween, will try and party up there.  The police will patrol the area and may arrest you.  Also, respect the area--don't vandalize it or destroy it.  If you do, a great dane might get ya.

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10/28/04Eskimo Tailor writes of mysterious underground tunnels hidden near Towner's WoodsNote:  Please heed the warning at the end of this submission.  Assuming the tunnels are still in existence, they are likely to be very dangerous:

I went to school in Kent and lived at Brady Lake for a year and often poached the trails at Towners Woods at night on my mountain bike. I never experienced anything strange there. However, if you follow those tracks in towards Kent, you can find some really freaky stuff.

There is an old turnstile maybe a mile Northeast of Kent. In that area while riding one day, a friend of mine and I found an opening in the ground to an underground tunnel. Supposedly these tunnels run all the way into Kent and I don't have any reason to doubt it. I actually got into a similar tunnel under one of the buildings on campus one night.

Anyway, there was strong evidence of cult activity at this particular opening. First, there was a crude noose hanging from a tree near the opening. Then, my friend and I, like a couple of idiots decided to go into the tunnel. We found some plastic to burn as a torch and went inside. We headed up the tunnel, which is probably only about 3.5 feet high, in a Northeast direction, back towards Towners Woods. We went maybe 30 to 40 feet and the tunnel opened up into a room full of milk crates and wooden spools for tables and chairs. There were candle remnants and plastic vampire teeth everywhere.

I warn everybody that these are very old tunnels and there is most likely a very good chance of collapse, so be careful, and don't go alone.

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11/6/04:  What?  You mean some of the stories about Helltown and Jaite may have been based upon *gasp* pranks? Say it isn't so!  Dirt Lawyer makes a little confession:

The Ghost Train

In the mid 1970's we used to play a fun trick at the train crossing in Jaite just east of those yellow buildings that now serve as park offices but then were company housing for men who worked at the Jaite Mill.  Back then, the crossing was a treacherous mess. The tracks were on different levels. Much of the ground between them was washed away by flood waters so the bed was more than a foot below the ties. You had to cross those tracks very slowly and carefully to avoid ripping the crap out of the bottom of your car. 

OK, so now the scene is set. Most nights that valley filled with pea soup fog and this crossing was at the exact spot where the visibility was almost nil. We'd stand on the tracks about 10 feet in from the side of the road giggling ourselves into near hysterics waiting for a car to reach the crossing. Our supplies were simple:  one 8 inch wide hi-beam flashlight and one aerosol-powered air horn. Can you see where I'm going with this?

As soon as a car would get one front wheel over the outside rail and we heard it clunkd down hard onto the bed, we'd hit that spotlight and blast the airhorn.

My God, but it was funny! The poor drivers would naturally gun the engine to clear the tracks before the train hit them and off would come all sorts of stuff from their cars' undercarriages. Mufflers, exhaust pipes, even a few bumpers. 

Sometimes the puzzled drivers would stop a few feet up the road and wonder what happened to the train that a second earlier had been bearing down upon them.

It's time I fessed up. We pulled lots of other pranks in that valley. Maybe we're the reason Jaite and Helltown are considered haunted.


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11/30/04:  Darcy shares information, as well as some photographs, on the headless warlock's grave in Tuscarawas County:

In Tuscarawas county, just outside of New Philadelphia, there is a crazy creepy little cemetery on a hill, at the intersection of Ridge Road and University Drive (University Drive passes the Kent State Tusc campus and Buckeye Career Center, the local vocational school). I have no clue what the actual name of the cemetery is, but everyone calls it the Warlock's Grave.

There is a strange formation of black rectangular stones in a rectangle shape, with one larger stone at one end.  The legend is that the warlock (who as far as I know is nameless) is buried beneath the rectangle, and his head is encased within the largest stone. Supposedly if the head and body are reunited, he will come back to life. A cheesy, vague story, but everyone gets scared up there at night nonetheless.

One night back when I was 16 or so, I went up there with a couple friends. We brought a camera and were taking pictures in the car. As soon as we entered the fence, the camera wouldn't work. At the time it seemed like the warlock was warning us something, although now I tend to think that my friend just panicked and couldn't find the right buttons. Besides the Warlock's Grave, there are quite a few old tombstones.

Here are the photos taken by Darcy of the cemetery and warlock's grave:



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5/2/05:  Dim the lights real low to get the full horrific effect of Kari's Top Ten List of All Things Evil at Woolyburger cemetery.  Yowza.

Hello, I have also visited the cemetery, which is also known as the "Little Pennsylvania Cemetery". Wooly Burger is a name it gained over time due to the rumors of a large Big Foot-like creature living back there. I have never experienced a "Big Foot" encounter but I have definitely experienced many different things back there such as...

* Weird noises.  Yes I have heard them and my friends have heard them pretty clearly.

* The feeling something is chasing you (when I felt like something was chasing us, I saw a shadow that covered the whole hill the cemetery sits on racing down the hill towards us! At that point, I was running)

* I have seen an actual ghost out there.  He was standing right next to a gravestone by a tall tree.  He was wearing a white flowing shirt that looked like it would have been popular in the 1800's, he had dark-colored hair to his ears, and he was wearing black pants.  I couldn't make out his feet, but he stared right in to my eyes.  I will never forget him ever. The funny thing about him is that he seems to be the graveyard "greeter" in a way because I have discussed this particular ghost with more than one friend that has seen him in the same exact stop as me at different times.

* I have seen a small girl skipping down the path to the cemetery in a white dress

* My friend was on his way home one night around 3 am (he had not been drinking and was perfectly fine except maybe a little tired). On his way down the 665 after you pass the graveyard on your right,  there are two posts where a driveway used to be.  Well, he claims that he saw a little girl standing by those posts.  He slowed down and stopped and asked her if she needed any help and if she was alright.  When she turned around she had no face. He was freaked out beyond freaked out, that was his first encounter with something of the paranormal world.

* I have been there more than one time and almost every time, I have felt something wanting me to stay.  The feeling is like something sucking the energy out of me.  By the time I reach the exit of the graveyard, I am dead tired and really hungry.

* I know a lady that has lived in Darby Dale her whole life, and she has told me that one night all the cats went missing.  In the morning, they were inside out hanging from the trees that line the path leading to the graveyard. She has also confirmed that two men and a little girl died in the cemetery.

* I have also found out that two men kidnapped a little girl and took her out there, raped her and then drowned her in the pond.  They then killed themselves by the next morning.  This was also in the newspapers.  It happened I believe in the late 60's/early 70's.

*There is supposed to be house out there, but I have yet to find it.

* My friend Anthony and two of his friends, Tony and Greg, took a video camera out there and were walking on the path to the right of the grave yard before the entrance. Anthony and Greg were walking and when they turned around, Tony was walking with his back to them.  Tony was really freaked out.  Anthony told him to suck it up and just keep walking.  When Anthony turned to face the path again, the camera lights flickered.  Then they saw a small girl in white dress crawling towards them. Greg kept the video running for about three minutes.  Then the lights flickered again.  By then, the girl had turned to crawl off the trail.  Then, all three guys turned around and ran back to the cars and took off to the school in Darby Dale, parked and watched the tape.  When the tape got to the point where they had seen her it cut out and was fuzzy then when it came back on, they caught a glimpse of her crawling off the trail! They still have the tape.

The funny thing about Woolyburger is that during the day, it is a really pretty peaceful cemetery.  But at night...well, it's another story. It really makes me mad when people say that "oh I went out there with all my equipment and I got nothing" or "there are no signs of a cult having anything to do with the graveyard."  It just makes me mad because they are so unaware.

1/22/05:  Big hairy monsters, strange lights, and blood-curdling sounds are just some of the things Nicky experienced while exploring the haunted Woolyburger Cemetery in Darbydale:

I heard of this place called Woolyburger. It's a cemetery off route 665 in Darbydale, Ohio. This is a scary cemetery, and the scariest place I have ever been too. The story is that there is a monster that is hairy called the Woolyburger.  I haven't seen it. I doubt it too, but there are ghosts.

There are a lot of woods and trails here. Myself and others heard screams and all kinds of weird noises  while walking along the trails and in the cemetery. We also saw red lights. Once, we were even chased by something.

The locals say that a family named Woolyburger once lived out in the woods a long time ago. A lot of teens hang out there and cults, too. I have seen fires with people chanting wearing black robes. When they left, I checked the area out and there were containers with animal parts in it.

Something is out there and it always watches.

About this picture, Nicky writes:

I took this at the entrance to the cemetery. My boyfriend was standing with a flashlight in his hand. If you look to the right of him and up a little bit you will see a face and an outline of an ear. It looks like Freddy Kreuger showing his teeth.

Note:  The light streak in the picture may have been overexposure caused by an incorrect shutter speed. As for the face, it may simply be a lens flare caused by the flash of the camera hitting a reflective surface.  Still, it is an interesting picture, and that face is creepy!


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1/12/05:  Roger Ganley (host of the excellent WRUW 91.1 radio show Children of the Metal Movement) shares these creepy cemetery photos he captured while touring the Haunted South.

The first one, I took in a very old graveyard in Mississippi in September 2004.  The second one is from a cemetery I visited on October 31st in New Orleans.  Tell me what you think.


Note:  The image in the upper left *may* be a mundane object (i.e. finger, dust, etc.) close to the lens.

Or, perhaps, the ghost of the inhabitant inside this tomb came out to play?


Note:  This might be a hair or other fiber that came too close to the lens.

Or maybe it is a ghostly "orb in motion"?

Both of these pictures are great shots of some fascinating cemeteries.  This is a reminder that we REALLY need to take a vacation soon!

Many thanks to Roger for sharing these pics!


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1/1/05:  Paper Hanger shares his take on the tragic, haunted legend of Leroy's Bridge, as well as his own creepy experiences with "The Walking Dude":

While I was living in West Salem, I heard of a local legend called Leroy's Bridge.   I lived about 2 miles away from the bridge, but it's not the story or the bridge itself that still send a chill up my spine.. but it may or may not be something worth checking out...

As the story goes, Leroy was a black man who was lynched by the Ku Klux Klan back in the 20's for making eyes with a white woman. He was hung on one of the oak trees that shade the bridge and left to rot. Iit was considered a warning to others, Leroy was an "example."  Well, SOMEONE took the body down and it has yet to be found. However, the rope with the noose hole was still hanging--it was as if the body vanished.

I dont know if this story holds any water, because its something the old timers who were around at the time in the towns of West Salem and Congress don't talk about, they just shrug it off.  With small towns like this, nobody talks about past events like THAT.  Also, I don't think it is something that would show up in the newspapers, even during Jim Crowe times. 

The bridge itself is pretty unremarkable.  It's about 15 feet long over a shallow creek, and vandalized all to hell. 

But,  I have seen a mysterious specter, called "the walking dude" (I still get goose bumps thinking about it) by the people who lived on the road my house was on (Ruff  Road, which turns into Overton Road after you cross 604).  Others say "the walking dude" is Leroy and his pursuers.  But it is either the top half of a man running, or the bottom half of SOMEONE walking at a fast paced stride.  I have seen the bottom half numerous times, mostly outside walking in the direction towards the bridge, and the top half only once, RUNNING in the direction of the bridge. 

In my house, it always felt like there was something watching, and it was always cold, even in the summer, but we did not have air conditioning. According to the legend, the leader of the lynch mob used to own the property I lived on. I have family names of people who were involved in the lynching, but I wouldn't know where to begin to look to get to the bottom of it.

I think the story may have some merit, but is more of human reasoning for the ghosts that haunt the area I have looked at other sites, and all they say about Leroy's Bridge is that he fell off and died, which is amazing considering that the creek bed is about 6 feet below the bridge itself.

Also, there is talk about a satanic cult, which was the first I ever heard of THAT.

I don't know if you have already looked this legend up and figured it isn't worth mentioning, or even cared to look at it, or heard of it.  But I thought I would send you guys a line and tell you what I know of the story.

Leroy's Bridge is just a corner stone.  Drive down some of the back roads at night, especially Franchester Road leading into Congress.  Those roads are haunted. 


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5/12/05:  Don't go messin' around with Old Man Tinker's turf or suffer the consequences, as Michelle K. had learned the hard way:

O.k.  It was December 17th, 2001. My sister, my best friend, a buddy, and I decided to go out on a little spook hunt. Now there isn't that much in Ashtabula county, so you know we had to find something to do.  We ran out to the truck stop out on State Route 193 and grabbed something to eat.  My best friend mentioned that we weren't that far from Tinker's Hollow, and asked us if we wanted to go.  We thought, "why not?  Nothing better to do."  So, we went out there.

Now the stories I always heard about the place involved a young guy and girl who drove down to the bridge to hang out.  The car stalled on the bridge.  The boy looked at the girl and said he was going to get help and left the girl in the car.  Hours go by and the guy doesn't return. Then, the girl heard something dripping on the roof and a slight brushing, too.  She got out of the car and found her boyfriend hanging from the bridge, with his feet are scraping the top of the car.  It was said that Tinker did it to protect his gold...

Anyway, my friends and I go down there and drive onto the bridge.  It was raining cold and everyone at this point was scared to get out of the car.  So, we turned it into a dare.  I jumped out like I was all big and bad, looked down at the river and got back in the jeep.  We sat there for like 20 minutes on the bridge.  We flashed the lights 3x, turned off the engine, all that great stuff.  Nothing happened at first.  So, so we decided to leave. 

As we backed off the bridge, it seemed like something had picked up my friend's Wagoneer.  Then, it threw us down the side of the embankment of the river.  The whole cab of the Jeep lit up like someone turned on a light switch.  It was very odd. After we all climbed out, we checked out the tire marks thinking we did something wrong in backing up.  But, to our discovery, the tire tracks stopped on the bridge (mind you this is a dirt road), then started back again 10 ft away and half way down the side of the slope.  To this day, I still have a scar from where I got cut on my arm.  Only I don't have a clue how I got the cut.

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4/23/05: Bonnie provides another reason why this old cemetery has a freaky reputation (and why you should never go drinking at a haunted cemetery at night):

When I was a teen, we went to Chestnut Cemetery a few days before Halloween, about 1978.  We found the [witch's] grave, because the fence was still up.  But there was a phallic gravestone, with odd writing on it unlike anything I've ever seen.  When we got there, the gate on the fence was open.  According to the legend, this meant that the witch was out. We all thought, "what a bunch of crap", and we had a few beers.  Then, the gate began to close.  My friends took off, but I watched it close itself and clank shut. I thought I'd take this experience to my grave before I found this site. I went there a few years later and saw that the stone was gone, God help the poor bastard that stole that!

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4/14/05: Leon shares his very brutal experience at Gore Orphanage.  Coincidence?  Or was there something more sinister at play?  Read on and decide for yourself:

So about a year ago, my friends and I decided to go check out the old Gore Orphanage. We took two vehicles later at night and went in as far as we could since it was now closed off and we were not allowed in there. We start walking up, but the girls that were with us got freaked out because they were hearing things and they decided to leave.

On our way home we stopped on a bridge with all sorts of spray painted words and symbols on it right outside of where we had just came from. I got out of the car and was being arrogant and yelling and raising hell . . . being the typical juvenile high school student. After a little bit of this, I got back in the car and we started to drive. Everybody was quiet and said that they felt some kind of eerie feeling, it felt like something just wasn't right.

On our way home the two vehicles that we drove up went different ways. The one I was in was driving and an animal ran into the road. So, my friend who was driving swerved. We ended up hitting the ditch backwards and flipping the car four times.  I Always wear my seat-belt, but this one time for as long as I've been in cars I was not. I got thrown around in the car and ended up with a concussion, glass in my pants, and scrapes all over my face.  My back is still messed up from this accident though I've been going to the chiropractor for almost a year now.  When I got out of the car the first thing I saw was a mailbox with house address 6662.

Maybe irrelevant or coincidence, but it's my story.

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SPOOKY HOLLOW (Cincinnati)

8/12/05: Katie shares some tales and asks for info on this apparently evil little place.

There's a street in the Indian Hills area around Cincinnati that is called Spooky Hollow (not to be confused with Spooky Ridge which is nearby). According to hordes of teenagers, it is haunted to all hell and back. Supposedly, you come to a driveway where you cross a wooden bridge and end up at a "devil worship church". Also, there's a version where you come to a dead end street that has a sign reading: "Welcome to Sleepy Hollow". My boyfriend and I have spent several hours and a lot of gas over three different nights trying to find these places. I've done some research over several haunted Ohio sites and found nothing in regards to this place. I was wondering if you've ever heard of it, or maybe have even been there??

Webmistress Note:  We have not heard of these particular legends associated with the Sleepy Hollow/Indian Hills area.  One would think that with a town that has an actual road named "Spooky Hollow," there would be.  The closest thing we have heard has to do with "Satan's Hollow," but the legends are not similar to this one. Hopefully, you folks out there might know of these legends and share some info.


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8/11/05:  A wicked, red-eyed farmer's ghost is said to still guard the site of some alleged grisly killings. This anonymous reader tells more:

There's a spooky house on Jerry City Road by Wayne. The home is said to be haunted by a crazed father, his two children, wife, and dog. One night the man came home no one knows what set him off, but he killed his two children, wife, and his Dog. After the job was finished he went out to an old barn and hung himself.

It has been said that a man moved in there shortly after this happened with horses. After a long day of moving in he decided to go to bed. The next morning he woke up refreshed and ready to go. He went out to the barn (the barn the man killed himself in) to feed the horses, but they were ALL DEAD!!!!

I have heard from people that shortly after that man moved out a father, his wife, and children moved into the house. With both children being you he had them go to bed early. Well that same night the brother (who wasn't very old) beat the crap out of his little sister for no apparent reason. To this day his sister swears that as he committed this horrible crime his eyes were blood red, and glowing! Not only that, but later when they got older the brother decided to smoke upstairs in his room. He just happened to sleep in one of the dead children's rooms. He says that he lit the cigarette, and was then thrown out the window by something that grabbed him by the shirt!

There have also been times that friends of mine have gone to the house, and saw red eyes in the upstairs window, they soon shot down to the bottom, then the top, then back down to the bottom, then back up to the top next thing they know the window shatters! They all run to the car, and start it but to their surprise the car WON'T MOVE! They are in a stone driveway, it hasn't rained, and they weren't stuck in a whole or anything. After about an hour of pushing they finally get it out, and leave.

A few years later they go back and they see some pretty weird things such as: A woman in a white night gown walking around downstairs <keep in mind this home is abandoned>, red eyes in a window, a lamp that was once standing up is now tipped over, A door that was once closed is now Wide open, and there's a woman sitting in a rocking chair in the corner of the room, then as we leave a wire that is across the driveway to keep people out of there is now waving back and forth rapidly but the weeds below and around it a standing still as ever before!

A coincidence: I think not! Was someone trying to scare us or was there really something there? Was there really a man that killed his whole family and himself haunting the house or is that just a legend to keep people away from the house? You decide!

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9/18/05:  While looking for cheap thrills at Hatchet Man Cemetery, Jeremy and his friends witness a phantom truck and are stalked by a ghost light.  Creepy.

One night around 9:30 me, my friend Jim, April, and her boyfriend Brad were all out in Jim's car wanting to have the living crap scared out of us.  So we decided to go to a place known as Hatchet Man Cemetery. We were all just relaxing and having fun on the way. We were just being regular kids, acting goofy. 

As we pulled up, the weirdest thing and creepiest thing happened. A truck drove straight at the cemetery gates. Jim slammed on the brakes, and we all stared as the truck literally DISAPPEARED as it hit the gate. He pulled into the little gravel lot in front of the gates that the truck had come from. We all hopped out for a minute and he turned the car off. We all stared at the gates, not quite sure what had happened. We all figured it was a figment of our imaginations, and hopped back in the car.  Jim put the key in the ignition and tried to start the car, but it wouldn't start. He tried again, nothing. It took 6 attempts for the car to start, and as we began to pull out we saw a flash of light. We were already freaked out and Jim stepped on the gas.  We flew down the roads, seeing the flash of light the whole time behind us, as if it was following us.

You can believe what you want, but this is a true story. It happened in March of '05.

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10/23/05: Todd encounters things infinitely more frightening than a crying baby in Abbeyville:

I have always been intrigued by the supernatural and by ghost stories in general. I have one in particular that has haunted me for some time. I was out with two of my friends one October night back in 1996 when I experienced a very strange and eerie encounter with "the unexplained".

We had always heard of the legend of Cry Baby Bridge in Abbeyville (Valley City, Ohio) so we checked it out one Friday night (around 12:30am). As we approached the bridge, we saw a mysterious figure dressed in a white sheet on the side of the road just standing there. As we came closer to it, it looked almost transparent. The night was very windy and we thought that maybe it was just some debris that had fallen upon the trees, but it became clear to us that it was a figure of a human. The figure was pointing out into the distance. We looked to see exactly where it was pointing at. There was a church on the top of the hill (a very sinister-looking church) with a fire burning in the back. We turned to quickly look back at the figure, but it had disappeared. It made no sense. My friends decided to drive up the top of the hill, where the church was located. Inside the church, we could see a red glow coming out of the windows. There was a graveyard in the back to where we walked to and what we saw creeped us out. The fire that we saw from the bridge was actually a cross that was on fire. The cross was burning upside-down.

The three of us took off with our car and told the local authorities about it the following Monday. They investigated it that week but nothing came of it. I had talked to a priest years before at my church about unexplained phenomenon in the Medina area. The priest had explained that there are many wicked people in the area and several people belong to satanic cults-many of which are off of Marx Road and in Abbeyville. They kill children and murder animals and take part in witchcraft. The occult is something that is all around us.

9/14/05:  Amy and her friends get more than they bargained for while exploring the Abbeyville crybaby bridge area.  What part of "satanic" did they not understand? 

I have a very creepy story about both places named here.  My friends and I were at the bridge, parking in the church parking lot behind a wall so we couldn't be easily seen. As we got out of the car, we heard really low, animalistic growls.  There were inhuman noises coming from inside the satanic church. There were no lights, and we headed quickly through the graveyard to the bridge. The first night (out of 3) was a full moon.  I fully admit, going through a graveyard on a full moon was a stupid idea, since I am extremely sensitive to certain "things." 

We had a video camera with audio during the first 2 nights.  As we walked through the graveyard, we heard footsteps--not the light animal footsteps, but really heavy ones--all around us.

We got on top of the bridge & there was a light mist. As I looked towards my friend, a face appeared between my fiance and my best friend. I got freaked out and wanted to leave.

As we walked back to the car, the sanctuary was lit from the inside, including candlelight.  But by the time we reached the car, it was pitch black again.  (It was around 2 or 3 in the morning every time we left, so who could possibly be in the church?) Every night we returned, the same light incident would happen, pitch black & growls, lights as we walked back, pitch black when we reached our car.

On the third night, our last visit, we took pictures. It was a clear night, no fog, no mist, no clouds.  In these photos, there are quite a few unexplained images.

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9/11/05:  Ted shares some strange photos taken around the Lock Tender's cabin at Lock Four.  Very, very interesting.  Is it the apparition of a man or a mind trick caused by the foliage in the background?  You decide.

Recently my girlfriend and I visited Lock 4 after reading about it on your website. We took some photos around the canal.  One of the photos taken behind the cabin turned up a very odd discovery. It appears to be a apparition.  The face is pretty clear with a body semi-visible.  I've enclosed the picture with it circled,and also a cropped copy of just the apparition.


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9/2/05:  The watchful spirit of Chief Logan saves Jim's bratty Boy Scout hide.

Many years ago, while I was in the Boy Scouts, we traveled to Yellow Creek, which was said to be the area in which Chief Logan was settled.  Our scoutmaster at the time said the grounds we camped on were haunted by Chief Logan's ghost. Being the little brats that we were, we just shrugged it off and at about 10 p.m., hit the sack for some shut eye.

This is when my friend and I began to hear odd sounds from the outskirts of the camp. Well, we being in the same tent "snuck out" and wandered out in the woods about 30 to 60 feet from our tent. Being quiet so no one would hear us, WE BOTH saw a figure that looked like an Indian, and it waved us away from the area. As we ran our little butts off screaming and hollering, our scoutmaster began to scold us for being out. 

It was then we told him of what we saw. He chuckled and said we were seeing things, and made sure we were in our tents every hour by checking on us.

At about 4 a.m., our scoutmaster called out for the assistant and began hollering at the top of his voice saying "Brownie, get the hell out here!" Brownie went out and said , "What's going on John"?  At that time John stated that he had seen a figure, which looked like an Indian in the tree line about 20 feet away.  Well, it all died down and we packed up the next day, as it was Sunday and we were only there for the weekend.  

That Sunday evening, a horrible storm hit our area.  We found out at our Scout meeting later that week that a large tree had fallen on the exact spot where we were camping.

I guess old Chief Logan's ghost warned us of our fate, and we were lucky.....

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8/15/05:  Tim shares some creepy photos taken at the old orphanage:

These are some pictures that are much more convincing than anything I've seen on your site. I'm not bragging, but I have almost undeniable proof of spirits: 99 % plus good, and 1% evil. I will submit 2 photos: One good and one evil. One is from the attic of the infirmary, and one is just outside the tunnel leading from the infirmary inside the surgery/shock treatment building.

The Orphanage (the building for the children well enough to be adopted) burned down in 2003. These are photos are from the existing hospital and recovery areas.  These photos are real and untouched. The attic contained clothing (5 pieces), player piano scrolls, and cardboard boxes of toys dating from the early 1900's. The buildings date from the mid to late 19th century.

You can clearly see the orbs in the attic. I've made friends with the children by leaving a Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham book and a pile of pennies, both of which were not there on my second visit the night I took these photos.

The first night I took pictures in the same areas rendered no orbs (same camera). I was, however, able to find one image in the basement of two shadowy figures holding each other in a comforting manner. That was the only photographic anomaly my first night.

Now I feel the children want me there. I feel drawn to them. But in the building after the tunnel, there is a presence that is dark and ominous. You will see this "entity" in the top left of photo. It was so horrible to me that I couldn't look at that photo for two days after I reviewed the photos on my camera. Enjoy!

Webmistress Note:  The image on the bottom right was enhanced by me to bring out the image in question.  It is difficult to say whether this is an apparition, or a pattern on the back wall.  Nonetheless, it has a neat, Michael Myers charm to it.

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10/22/05: One student shares the legends and his exploration of this Portage County haunt:

A few years ago, a girl hung herself in a small chapel below my dorm room. A while later, another student slit his throat there. I don't know all the specifics about the suicides, but the chapel was shut down with no explanation given. Since then, people have heard movement and noises down there at night, and lights will appear on in the chapel for no reason at times. When we try to open the door, it is always locked up. Finally, we broke into the chapel one night. Everything is still down there, but you can tell there has been no one down there since it was locked up. We didn't go in the whole way because we were too scared, but I hope to go back down soon for pictures. This is definitely one of the scarier places I have been to even though it is pretty small.

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10/23/05:  Aisha's experience at this cemetery just goes to show that you never know what you might take home with you.

Ridgelawn Cemetery is an OLD cemetery located in Lorain County - bordered by Gulf Road (east) and Cleveland Street (south). I have spent many days (and nights!) walking through the area looking at some of the old and unique grave markers.

One stone in particular is a local legend. The gravestone is marked with the family name of 'Moebius' and has an inverted cross.... lending itself to speculation about the nature of the folks buried beneath.

I went looking for this marker one day and found it - with very little effort. Kind of creepy - see photo!

Last Spring, on the day of an eclipse (lunar - new moon), a friend and I went out wandering and I took some photos of him (for his girlfriend). I was surprised to see a purple glow around him when I uploaded the pics later that day. I was EVEN more surprised when he told me that that very night, he'd had a strange dream of something purple sitting on his chest. Did something follow him home from the cemetery????


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10/1/05:  Josh's chilling exploration of one of the barns would make even a skeptic wet his pants:

I was looking around you website and came across your Seven Barns legend. Not sure if you are interested in investing any further into that, considering there are probably tons of 'Seven Barns' cases, but I thought I would share with you a Seven Barns legend we have here in a suburb of Akron.

Our 'Seven Barns' story is pretty much the same as all the others. A man goes 'mad' and kills his family in the sixth barns, and then hangs himself in the seventh. A lot of people that have went to this barn have reported seeing a mysterious blue light coming from inside of the barn, yet you can tell by looking at it...the barn is not occupied.

As teenagers, of course my friends and I had to see this ourselves. The barn is located on Congresslake Road, off of 224. When you turn onto Congresslake Road, you will drive for a little while down it...and eventually past some corn field you will be able to see the house (on the right side) that owns the barn. It is pretty far out into the distance, and the barn is actually pretty far from the house. As you keep trying, you will see the barn, it is located right on the side of the road. You cant miss you know your at the right place, you will see ahead of you a left hand curve. As you travel down Congresslake Road you might be able to pass some mysterious "red stains" on the road. No one really knows what it is, but the myth is, that its blood. But it could just be roadkill or something...

So, one night we decided to check out this barn, and see what the fuss was all about. We even brought a video camera, and a digital camera, and of course we waiting until 11:00 PM on a summer night to do it. As we drive down the road, I am in the passenger seat, so the barn comes up on my side of the car. We stop for just a moment, and I take a couple pictures as fast as I can, without paying attention to how they came out. Meanwhile, my friend in the back seat, took her video camera and just set it out of my window filming whatever she could get. We turned around at the curve ahead, and decided to go back. When we got back we took a look at our pictures, and we had noticed an "orb" in 3/5 pictures we took. We were all amazed because we had never seen an "orb" before. (Note: there is no light on this road, and nothing was shining on the barn, so the "orb" to us, seems legitimate). Then we took a look at the video we recorded. It was actually too dark to see anything, and my friend does not have a light on her camera so all we could see was a dark screen. But towards the last few seconds, you see the flash from my digital camera (taking a picture)....and then darkness again....but all a sudden this greenish/white thing flie past the video camera at a really odd position and speed. It was defiantly not a was shaped very oddly and to this day, we still have no idea what it was.

This scared us all, but at the same time made us want to try this again. So the next night we decided to makes things even riskier, and we had 2 of our friends go inside the barn with a video camera and see what they could get. The problem was, every time the they stepped into the barn, the camera would die....on a fully charged battery. It was really weird. But none the less, they went inside anyway with a flashlight, and started to explore. While we were in the car, we drove around the streets waiting for them, because there really is nowhere to exactly stop on the road, and the barn might lie on private property. Anyway, when we went back to the barn to pick them up....they were actually running away from it and were in the middle of the street. We picked them up and asked them what happened and why they were running.

There story goes as follows:

They walked into the barn, and noticed a staircase leading up to a door. While they were walking around, they heard something that sounded close to footsteps on the top floor of the barn. They didnt think much of it, because its likely that it was just rats or something. So they decided to walk up to the door and see if they could open it and such. They start walking up the steps and as they get closer, all the sudden something falls out of the top floor, swinging towards them, and then all the sudden just fell to the ground without making any sound. They said it happened so fast they really couldnt even see what it looked like, but they knew it wasn't a rat or any animal because the way that it fell. It just dropped straight down without a sound, they tried to shine the flashlight on it, but when they did, it was mysteriously gone.

One of the two kids that went in there is very very skeptical of ghosts and hauntings and doesn't really believe much in them. But this changed him. I don't think I've ever seen him that scared before, and he was really worked up about it.

Not sure if you've already heard of this barn before or not, but again it is located on Congresslake Road, off of 224, near Springfield, Ohio.

Hope that any this information helps or leads you into your own investigation...

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WITCH'S GRAVE (Kirtland)

10/26/05:  Ashley offers up this, um, interesting variation of the legend:

The more well-known legend surrounding the witches grave is that if, on Halloween, you pee on it, the pee will quickly rise off the grave. Not particularly astounding, as its often cold up here on Halloween, but it's a fun trip to make. However, when peeing on this mysterious stone, I recommend being very careful. The roads are windy, and the Kirtland Police seem to come out of nowhere sometimes. They won't appreciate you peeing on the grave, but they'll just chase you away if you say you came only for a look.

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