10/30/2008:  It's Halloween, and once again my website happily whores itself out to the media that inevitably comes sniffing around this time of year asking for a twelfth rehashing of Helltown or Crybaby Bridge.

This time, Gore Orphanage is the Halloween media darling.

Right now, you can find me pontificating on Vermilion's most notorious site on FearNet.  Charles Cassady, who wrote the new ghostie book
Cleveland Ghosts, and Ohio Paranormal Research and Investigations ("OHPRI"), are also featured in this video. If you get FearNet's on-demand digital cable channel, go to the "Halloween" section of their menu, then go to "Scary Streets."  Click on "Gore Orphanage" and prepare to be blown away.

Or if you can't wait, you can just click below to witness the cheesy action immediately:



Also, Halloween morning at 10:00 on local channel Fox 8, yours truly will again be featured describing the ghastly orphanage story, as well as talking about haunted Maple Grove Cemetery.  Chuck from Creepy Cleveland and Ken from Moonspenders will also be on the show to spin hair-raising tales about Franklin Castle and Helltown.  Hells yeah!

If you can't watch it or get the channel where you live, I'm pretty sure you can catch a live stream of it on Fox 8's website by clicking 
here.  The video should be up for a week or so.

Happy Hauntings, kids!

10/1/2008:  The Gore Orphanage Road bridge has been added to the Crybaby Bridges page--as if you haven't read about that legend a hundred times already.  Also, Dead Ohio just finished shooting a segment on Gore Orphanage for a series being produced by FEARnet.  Updates on the release date, etc. will be posted sometime in the future. 

7/7/07:  New!  To help boost your Haunted Ohio Summer, check out South Bass Island Lighthouse.

Ok, ok.  I've been a little slow with the updates.  Rather than toss down excuses (and I've got a ton of 'em), let me just say that I have a major backlog of photographs, notes, half-complete articles and other materials on various haunted places and cemeteries.  Not to mention the assload of reader submissions.  Or the graphic overhauls in the works.  I'm chugging along and plan to bring more goodies your direction soon.  Thanks again for all the stories, photos and cool conversations.

Finally, on a serious note, I know that quite a few of you have heard about what happened at Top 'O the World recently and the related tragedy.  I admit that there are some provocative circumstances (and unanswered questions) connected to the site.  However, it is too early to jump to conclusions or say what the long-term ramifications will be.  Indeed, there may be no definitive conclusions at all.  I would strongly discourage treating this sad event as a freak show and trust that ya'll will stay away from disturbing the park out of respect for the family and law enforcement, at least for now. 

10/30/06:  For the ultimate Halloween event, I am pleased to announce that Creepy Cleveland has risen from the grave!  Check it out by clicking here, fiends.  Oh, and new updates have been added to the link page, including a revised link to my friend Flying Orb's website.  Check it out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a bit remiss in the updates department.  Crazy shit, including the deaths of close friends and relatives (yes, they do come in threes) has left me less than enthusiastic about sitting in front of the computer writing bad html codes.  But, fear not.  I've got tons of new stuff to post, so stay tuned.  And many "thank yous" for all of the cool submissions.  You guys rawk.

Of course, you can always find my on myspace.

Happy Halloween!

10/27/05:    About a dozen new reader submissions have been added to the Stories and Submissions, including Egypt Road, Seven Barns, Edwin Shaw Hospital, Abbeyville, Kirtland Witch's grave, Hiram College, Ridgelawn Cemetery, the Ashtabula Train Disaster, and several entries on Mansfield Reformatory (including pictures and a poem!).  Also, new local and national paranormal links have been added to the Links page

In the shameless self-promotion department, yours truly was interviewed by Action 19 News for its special Crybaby Bridge feature that will air on Halloween night at 11:00 p.m. on channels 43 and 19.  The show should be a real hoot, so be sure to tune in.

Oh, if you are looking for some Halloween-themed live entertainment this weekend, on Saturday, October 29th, 2005, Horror of 59,CD Truth (!), The Shrill (horror rock band featuring members from Lords of the Highway and The Slack Jawed Yokels), and The Driven High will be playing at the Lime Spider in Akron. The show starts at 9:30pm. Admission is $2 (ignore the five dollar price on the flyer).


10/25/05:    On Wednesday night (10/26) at 6:00 p.m., we will be on the radio to discuss all things ghostly in Northeast Ohio.  Dim the lights, light the candles, and tune in to the State of Decay show on WRUW 91.1 F.M..  Also, tons of new stories and submissions are coming soon!  Finally, the message board has been revamped and moved to a new server.

10/21/05:   Hot Damn!  Creepy Cleveland has risen from the dead and is back on line!  Welcome back, Chuck, and just in time for Halloween.  We missed you and your site terribly.

9/24/05:    New!  Witch's Grave in Kirtland.  New link added to the links page. Also added a lot of new Stories and Submissions, including: phantom trucks and ghost lights at Hatchet Man cemetery, more Rogue's Hollow adventures, eerie pictures from Fairmount Children's Hospital and Lock Four, a chilling campfire tale about the ghost of Chief Logan at Yellow Creek, and strange goings-on at Abbeyville (the next Helltown?).

Finally opened up a MySpace account.  You can check it out by clicking here.

8/20/05:    Now for some shameless self-promotion.  Dead Ohio has been published in the new book, Encyclopedia of Haunted Places.  This huge, sturdy trade paperback edition contains hundreds of entries covering ghostly locales from around the world.  The book contains research notes, strange photographs and first-hand accounts by paranormal investigators themselves.  Read our haunted Ohio articles (including Franklin's castle, Johnson's Island and more), or check out the sections on South Africa, Singapore, and even Pocatello, Idaho! 


Finally, for anyone who missed the Horror of 59 show last night at Annabell's, they have another gig coming up on September 17th at Pat's in the Flats.


8/14/05:   New!  Mansfield Reformatory and Punderson Manor.  Also, several new Submissions have been added, including:  the "knocking game" at Abbott's Tomb, more shenanigans at Egypt Road, in search of Spooky Hollow haunts, and a creepy peek inside a haunted house in Jerry City (where's that????).  Finally did some minor housekeeping with the links page, including adding a new link to a Michigan investigative website (infrared ghosties, anyone?).

For those of you looking to get your punk on this summer, check out this show coming to Annabell's in Akron on Friday, August 19th, featuring the primo horror punk band Horror of 59 (hey, they have songs about the Moonville Tunnel and Helltown...tres cool).

6/14/05:   Lots of new Submissions have been added, which include:  the Top Ten List of Evil Things at Woolyburger cemetery, weird childhood anecdotes in Helltown, beer and ghosties at Chestnut Grove cemetery, eerie headlights at Egypt Road, a freaky tour of the Ridges in Athens, the wrath of the ghost of Old Man Tinker at Tinker's Hollow, and a lesson as to why you should always wear clean underwear before exploring Gore Orphanage.

6/4/05:     Whew, baby!  Over 3 months of slacking means a lot of catch up work to do.  For now, tons of new links have been added to the links page.  Enjoy!

5/28/05:   It is a black month for the Ohio ghost and legends websites.  Sadly, one of my favorite sites, Creepy Cleveland, has folded for now.  Chuck's website was the main inspiration for Dead Ohio, and provided countless hours of interesting and funny contributions.  This sucks.

On the positive end, there are a ton of updates forthcoming.  So sit tight, kiddies.  To everyone who submitted their tales, thanks for writing in.  Your submissions will be added to the Submissions page shortly.  Also, some new explorations have been planned, including a trip to Mansfield Reformatory. 

1/30/05:   It seems even we aren't immune to the holiday hangover and Cleveland winter blues.  To make up for the lack of updates, the following items have been added:  New!  Pioneer Cemetery in Kent.  There are lots of new Submissions, including:  The results of a paranormal investigation of the Ashtabula Train Disaster site on the anniversary of the accident,  creepy experiences (including a photograph) at the haunted Woolyburger Cemetery,  "the walking dude" at Leroy's Bridge, and ghostly vacation pictures while touring the Haunted South.  Finally, a link to a new Ohio paranormal website has been added to the links page

12/11/04:     New Submission:  Pictures and info on the haunted Warlock's Grave in Tusc County.

11/18/04:     If you're reading this, that means you survived Halloween AND Election Day.  To ease your mind on these long, cold late-Autumn nights, we have added these new Submissions:  A family's narrow escape from the clutches of strange shadow creatures at Panther's Hollow, and a heart-felt confession from a Jaite prankster.

10/28/04:    We have more new Submissions:  Ghost dogs and other frightening tales of hauntings at "Euclid Forest," and hidden tunnels in Towner's Woods.  The links page has been updated to include a new link to a local haunted exploration website.  Finally, the Crybaby Bridges page has been updated to include a link to the mysterious "other" Abbeyville Road crybaby bridge.

10/25/04:   Tinker's Creek.  This Halloween treat is the most requested addition to Dead Ohio's haunted places.  Enjoy!

10/18/04:  Abbott's Tomb has been updated with some stunning photographs and research shared by a local photographer.

10/17/04:  As the Halloween season is upon us, enjoy some of these excellent new submissions that have been added to the Submissions page, including:  one of the most fascinating, incredible accounts that we have ever read regarding Franklin Castle, a chilling exploration of the Wisner Road crybaby bridge in Kirtland, more spookiness at Edwin Shaw Hospital, and yet another eerie tale out of Panther's Hollow in Millersburg. 

You think Helltown's mysterious satanic cults and Franklin Castle's secret societies are a little too weird to be believed?  Check out this recent article in Scene on the Boyscouts' secret society, written by James Renner.  Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.  FYI--James is also the guy who bought Stephen King's screenplay for $1.00, and made it into a short film called ‘All That You Love Will Be Carried Away’.  The thirty minute short stars Joe Bob Briggs, and features Clevelanders Harvey Pekar, Michael Stanley and Rebecca Wilde in supporting roles.   The film makes its Cleveland premiere Thursday October 28th at The Cedar Lee Theater.  It will screen at 7pm and again at 8:30pm.  Check out this interview of Renner by Utter Trash by clicking here.

Finally, more links to Ohio paranormal websites have been added to the Links page.

9/15/04:   Potter's Field.

9/4/04:   New submissions added to the Submissions page, including a great, informative write-up on Sunny Acres, an insane exploration of inside the infamous Helltown house, and strange photos taken at the River Styx Cemetery (sans the surly cows, of course!).  Finally, one reader, who goes by the name of Johnny Coffin, recently sent us a link to an MP3 of his band's song, titled "Dead Ohio Air."  The band is called The Autumn Dead and they are situated out of East Liverpool, Ohio.  This is a very cool, Misfits-esque tune that we could proudly adopt as our theme song.  The vocalist is a dead ringer for Glen circa 1978-1983.  You can give it a listen by clicking here.  My God...that one dude looks like he just stepped off the movie set of Carnival of Souls.  Yikes!

9/3/04:  The haunted Cleveland Agora Theatre.  Also, Fast-Freight finally offers his expert opinion on that damned "W" marker featured on the Return to Helltown page.  Hopefully, this ends the debate once and for all.  Otherwise, I think I'm going to have to start a whole new web page just to cover that marker!

8/14/04: New submissions to the Submissions page, including:  Cedar Point (beware of the haunted sponge!), Hotel Breakers, an interesting variation of the Rogue's Hollow crybaby bridge legend, and Panther's Hollow.

8/12/04: The Towner's Woods page has been updated to include an explanation of that mysterious building.  The Return to Helltown page has been updated to include yet another explanation of that damned "W" marker.  Finally, more new links have been added to the Links page.  Check back soon for more updates, including our recent exploration of the haunted Cleveland Agora.

7/18/04:  Erie Street Cemetery and Towner's Woods.  Also, new links added to the Links page.  Finally, while at the Hi Fi Club in Lakewood a few days ago, I caught Stephe DK of the band The New Lou Reeds sporting this fabulous T-shirt: