Located in Shaker Heights, just off Lee Road, the Warrensville West Cemetery was established sometime around 1811. It is located next to a grocery store, and across from the Shaker Heights library.


The cemetery holds Revolutionary War veterans and the founder of the City of Warrensville. Despite its age and location, it is surprisingly well-maintained.

Tombstone of Lydia Adams, who died June 2, 1827, at age 69.


A crumbled tombstone found under a bush.




One of many aged, illegible tombstones.


Tombstone of "Sarah M. wife of Henry Church", who died September 25, 1828.



Two teenage sisters: Catharine Kelly, d. 1843, age 18, and Almira Kelly, d. 1848, age 14. Though not uncommon for that time period, the cemetery is comprised mostly of children and young adults.
Gravestones of John Gill (right) d. 2/21/1839 and his wife Isabella, d. October ? 1851, age unknown.



A sunken grave.



This stone marks the mass grave of over 100 Shaker settlers, who in 1909 were removed from their original cemetery on South Park (to make way for urban development and expansion) and reinterred here. According to Vicki Blum Vigil, author of Cleveland Cemeteries, almost 50 people were unaccounted for during the "relocation."



Did I say "all" Shaker settlers? No. The original South Park cemetery now contains a single grave, that of Revolutionary War soldier Jacob Russell. This is a closeup of the commemorative marker.


Jacob Russell's gated grave located behind the memorial boulder, with the original tombstone. He died August 1821, at the age of 75.


An oddly interesting photo of Jacob Russell's grave.