An observant friend of Dead Ohio suggested this cemetery, which can be spotted by careful commuters traveling the Route 77-Route 480 junction in Independence.  The cemetery is located behind Chi-Chi's Restaurant, next to the Realty One campus.

Yes, that's the Cleveland Clinic office complex in the background. 

Missed it too, huh?


As it turns out, this cemetery has quite an interesting history.  It is part of the West Family Plot and the land surrounding it was once part of the prominent West Family Farm.  The earliest burial dates back to 1820.  Incredibly, at least 15 persons are buried here.  However, only four markers remain. 

Genealogical records strongly suggest that the remaining headstones (or parts thereof) lie somewhere in the ravine or within the overgrowth behind the cemetery.  Some man-made stones and blocks were found around the parameter of the plot, although we cannot say whether those stones were once part of a building or tombstone.

Tombstones of Thomas West (left), who is believed to have died in 1860, and his widow, Susan, who passed in 1872.


John West, son of Tom and Sue (above).  He died in 1853 just 3 days after his 9th birthday.


 The fourth, badly-damaged stone on the left is illegible.




Many thanks to Vic for his assistance with this cemetery.