Aahh . . . PROGRESS. Once safely hidden on a woody hill off Route 21 in Richfield Township, urban development has --unfortunately--caught up with this historic cemetery. It now  embarrassingly sits in the middle of a parking lot in front of a cookie-cutter strip mall.



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This cemetery is comprised solely of the Wheatley Family. The oldest grave dates back to 1834, that of George Wheatley, who was 20 years old. The family patriarch, William Wheatley, passed away in 1886, his wife, Elizabeth, in 1916. The last burial is believed to be that of daughter Martha Stead, who died September 28, 1930. Her husband, William Stead, died on Christmas Eve, 1927, and is also buried here.

The cemetery is gated and locked.


Another shot of the Wheatley family graves. Aside from the phallic central marker, the tombstones are all designed the same.

This plot also provides a scenic view of the industrial park and man-made pond across the street.