We stumbled upon this quaint old family plot while enroute to Egypt Road crybaby bridge.  Call it one of those happy accidents.  It is located in Deerfield Township, next to a private drive off of Cleveland-East Liverpool Road (SR 14).

As it turns out, this is the Hayden Family plot.  As the name suggests, it contains the graves of various members of the Hayden family.  Although there are very few graves here, there has been quite a discrepancy in information about the exact number.  The brass plaque at the plot states there are four people buried here.  Genealogical records indicate that there are five graves.   Yet, we counted six markers.  The identity of this mysterious 6th person is not known, as the inscription on the marker is illegible.


Front row, from left to right:

Samuel Hayden, born July 29th 1774.  He died March 19th, 1840 at the age of 65.

His son, John Hayden.  He was born October 21st, 1801, and died February 23rd, 1836 at the age of 31.

His wife, and John's mother, Sophia, who passed away a year after her husband.

Samuel Hayden was one of the first settlers of this area, having emigrated to Deerfield from Pennsylvania in 1803.  He and Sophia had 8 children, including a prominent minister, Rev. Amos Sutton Hayden.



The back row.  Buried here is the Haydens' 4 year-old grandson, Myron, who died on March 12, 1855. 

Records also indicate that Jesse Stewart is buried here, although the stones are too worn to provide any other information.

The third stone is completely illegible.


A closeup of Sophia Hayden's marker.  The inscription reads:

In memory of Sophia Gray Hayden, wife of Samuel Hayden, who departed this life March 21, 1841, age 70y.