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Fittingly described as Cleveland's Outdoor Museum, Lake View Cemetery stands out as the most beautiful and fascinating cemetery in Ohio.  Its history, architecture, landscape, sculptures and monuments make it impossible to limit coverage to a single webpage.  Instead, Lake View Cemetery has been divided into 8 pages.  For those wishing to take the full tour, simply begin by clicking the Introduction link below. 

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Lake View Cemetery was officially established in 1869.  The cemetery is quite large, with 283 acres covering East Cleveland, Cleveland and Cleveland Heights.  Over 99,000 persons are buried here.  Amazingly, the cemetery still has not neared capacity--70 acres still remain for more burials.

Due to its size and popularity, Lake View Cemetery was responsible for the formation of nearby Little Italy, established by Italian immigrants who were employed as stonecutters and gardeners at the cemetery.  Evidence of their outstanding work can still be seen throughout the cemetery.

Designed by Adolph Strauch, the cemetery was meant to resemble Victorian English and French cemeteries.  The results of his work are truly breathtaking.  The cemetery seems more like a lush garden than a graveyard.   Long, winding roads and pathways lead around carefully arranged gravesites that seem to blend harmoniously with (and never overpower) the natural, well-manicured scenery.

Brush Memorial


Many graves such as these are topped with plush beds of ivy.

Ivy is considered to be a symbol of immortality and regeneration.  It is also known to symbolize the need for protection. 


More ivy-covered graves.  These gravestones were particularly interesting because the engravings resemble cursive handwriting.


This secluded family plot looks like a peaceful garden--the graves have become a part of their natural surroundings.








A good example of the spatial design of Lake View Cemetery.  Since the time it was first established, the cemetery has been a popular spot for Sunday picnics.







In keeping with its garden-like design, Lake View is home to many rare or interesting flowers, plants, and trees.  This includes "Daffodil Hill", a section of the cemetery that contains over 100,000 daffodil bulbs, as well as the Moses Cleveland tree and Japanese Threadleaf Maple trees.


Within the cemetery itself is a 500 foot wide dam that is one of the largest in the country.


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