One of the most appealing features of Lake View Cemetery is its large collection of cemetery sculptures.  It is truly a goth paradise, replete with classic tear-streaked angels and tragic women.   The images featured below do not account for even half of the amazing sculptures to be found at the cemetery.



The Prentiss Family plot is bookmarked on each end by the fine sculptures shown here and below.




The other sculpture on the Prentiss Family plot.  The family had owned a country estate that once covered the Northeast corner of Mayfield and Taylor Roads.



Archangel Gabriel stands ominously over the grave of John Hay (1839-1905), former secretary to President Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Secretary of State under President McKinley. 

The inscription on the tablet beneath the sword and snake reads as follows:

The fruit of righteousness is
Sown in peace
Of them that
Make peace

This monument was sculpted by James Earle Fraser, who completed it 9 years after Hay's death, in 1914.

This massive bronze angel sits at the grave of Francis Haserot.  The object in the angel's hands is an overturned torch, not a sword.



This exquisitely-carved statue mourns over the graves of William and Eliza Buchner.  Eliza died in 1863 at the age of 43.  William died 20 years later, on December 28, 1883. 

Eliza passed away several years before Lake View Cemetery was established.  Her husband reburied her here, erecting this monument in her memory.

The drape-covered urn is a common cemetery symbol of death, but this was the only one we found that also included a human figure.







Memorial for George Hely.



The McIntosh family gravesite.





The grave of Charles Augustus Otis, Sr. (1827-1905), businessman and former Cleveland Mayor

The wreath in the woman's hand is a symbol of heroism and worldly accomplishment, and is seen frequently on many sculptures featured here.



Monument for S. W. Johnson.


This unique monument is for the grave of Moses C. Younglove (1811-1892), a prominent local businessman and member of the Cleveland Anti-Slavery Society.



Hanna monument.




Hatch monument.

This beautiful Arthur-Haserot monument was sculpted by Joseph Carabelli in 1880, who was only 30 years old at the time.

Carabelli, who established a local masonry company in Little Italy, later died in 1911 and is buried elsewhere in cemetery.


Wilson monument.


Sacket monument.


William B. Castle, former Mayor of Cleveland from 1855 to 1857.


This delicate relief engraving marks the grave of Thomas Burnham (1808-1898), an iron businessman and local politician.


Maurice B. Clark (1827-1901)--English immigrant and former business partner of  John D. Rockefeller.  Clark was also an active abolitionist and Cleveland city councilman.

The trumpet in the figure's hands is a symbol of resurrection.

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