In addition to the sculptures, one of the most fascinating sights at Lake View is the array of gothic, architecturally stunning crypts and mausoleums. 


On the left, the padlocked Holden crypt.  The crypt on the right belongs to B.L. Pennington.






Parmelee crypt




This art deco-style mausoleum is the final resting place of Liberty Elmer Holden (1833-1913), original owner of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Holden is also credited with the construction of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Rockefeller Park, and Wade Park. 


Crypt of Louise Strong (1872 to 1920), wife of Charles Henry Strong.



A feature common to the mausoleums below is the the Egyptian engraving over the doorway.  The crypt on the right belongs to Lillian Gertrude Towslee, M.D. (1859-1918), real estate investor/designer and medical doctor.



These clustered mausoleums resemble houses from a distance.



One of many mausoleum rows at Lake View.

Henry Chisholm (1822-1881), Scottish immigrant and owner of Cleveland Rolling Mill.  He is best known for his progressive labor relations, providing housing and benefits to his employees.  After his death, his employees helped fund the completion of this monument.  His son William was apparently less popular than his father--some claim his management of the mill resulted in several major strikes.

Below, Left:  The ornate, colorful mausoleum of Levi T. Scofield (1842-1917), Civil War veteran and prominent architect.  Scofield designed the Mansfield Reformatory, as well as the Athens and Columbus insane asylumsy.  Locally, he designed Central High School and the R. K. Winslow house.  The crypt on the right belongs to S. Brainard.


     Burke mausoleum.


Another example of the Romantic garden design of Lake View Cemetery


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