Built in 1901 to honor Jeptha Wade, Wade Chapel is a treasure--in the literal sense of the word.  The Chapel's interior-- including the doors, floor tiles, benches, wall mosaics, chandeliers, lamps and ceiling--was designed entirely by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Of course, it also contains a Tiffany stained-glass window.



The 7 by 9 foot Tiffany window.

The wall surrounding the window was intentionally included in the picture to demonstrate the workmanship of even something mundane as a wall.  The gold glass tiles are meticulously arranged in a pattern of several thousand small, arched crosses.


A shot of the interior right wall mural.  The mural is comprised entirely of stained glass tiles.  A similar mural can be found on the left interior wall.  Although the illustrations appear Egyptian-themed, both murals describe and symbolize the laws of the Old Testament and the Prophets.  Some masonic symbols were thrown in for good measure.


A view of the left interior wall mural.  Although not legible from this photo, the shields on the boat each contain letters spelling out the name of a different biblical Prophet.


A view from behind the altar, facing the right.  The marble bench is inlaid with gold stained-glass tiles.  The chandelier and candle-like lamps were also designed by Tiffany.










These benches were carved from Lebanese cedar and inlaid with a mosaic of glass tiles.  As nice as they look, they are as uncomfortable as any other church pew.

The floor tile was also designed by Tiffany.


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